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Today marks the first year anniversary of the "Tim Cumper Scam". You may be wondering that the hell is that. For all our readers, I may have not told you guys about this but GameOPS actually released the video above. We decided to help Ms. Noemi Dado on the video to help the poor girl, Mayen, when his British boyfriend abandoned her.

We didn't get any monetary or any compensation at all from this video. We only wanted justice for this woman. Exactly a year ago, Timothy Ellis Cumper submitted an article at the Filipina Images website entitled Conned by a Filipina.

At first, you may thought it is really a scam, but when you finished reading everything he has written, you will see how paranoid Tim Cumper is. He accused everyone of conspiring. From the girl's boss, the girl's employer, the hospital, the British embassy. Everyone.

When he posted his article on Filipina Images, he thought he'll get support. He did, for a moment. But when everybody read what he wrote, everything turned against on what he expected. Bloggers and readers of Filipina Images started to react in favor of his girlfriend. Tim Cumper didn't like this so he included these people in his hitlist, including me.

Besides Filipina Images, Tim Cumper asked for support on different forums. Two of them are The World of Filipinas and The Internet Love Scams. They didn't believe Tim Cumper either. Of course, Tim Cumper included them in his hitlist.

For 1 year, he has stalked us, called us libelous names, accused us of being part of a "bayanihan payola", created fake MySpace profiles, peddled the internet with his lies, etc. yet he has the audacity to accuse us of being cyberbullies while hiding behind the internet. Well, you guys are smart enough to know who's doing the cyber bullying around here.

I don't want to tell everything again so if you have the time, you may read everything from the links below.

- Filipina Images: Mayen
- Captain's Log: Mayen

- Filipina Images: Conned by a Filipina
- Captain's Log: = Severe Case of Psychosis
- Philippine Hospital Scam , Tierra Maria Estates Scam Exposed as Hoax
- Fil Am Forum Report: Philippine Hospital Scam - Exposed As A Hoax!
- American Lola: The “Foreigner = Money” Problem Comments
- Philippine Real Estate Broker: Tierra Maria Estates Scam EXPOSED as Hoax
- Lalaine's World: Foreigners... deeply inlove with Filipinas
- The Romantic Geek's Comfort Zone
- Siopao Heaven: Foreigner needs psychological treatment
- Captain's Log: Official Statement from Mr. Francis Jalbuena
- It's My Life: + Severe Case of Psychosis = entertainment!
- Reyna Elena: Was there a scam? - Part 2
- Reyna Elena: Tierra Maria UK Scam Hoax
- Kengkay: Ang Tierra Maria Estates UK Scam na Hospitals Scam Din sa Philippines
- Now What Cat?: Reader from Hell
- Nina: Tierra Maria Estates Hospital Scam is HOAX
- Chuvaness: Tierra Maria UK scam is one big HOAX!
- Gloria aka Daragang Magayon: i am a barrio girl…bow!
- Sinaglaya: Tierra Maria Estates Scam Hoax
- Diwa: Tierra Maria Estates UK Scam Hoax
- Beng: Tierra Maria Estates Scam and golden goose hoax
- FilAmReport: 18 signs the Philippine Hospital Scam Hoax could be real!

First week it was entertaining, 3 months irritating, but 1 year of Tim Cumper nonsense? Now that's not funny. Ignoring him doesn't seem to work. Recently, he stalked Rocky and posted this:
Hello friend of Jepoy.
May I suggest that you have a good read -
. . . and let Jepoy do his own foul work.
Don't let him contaminate you.

GameOPS' traffic comes mainly from the United States and Europe. So if there are any readers out there from the United Kingdom willing to help us in a legal way, please do contact us ASAP. Your help will be much appreciated.

I think it's about time to put Tim Cumper on the proper place he deserve. IN JAIL. So if you're willing to help, hit the contact us link above or email me directly at jepoy (at) gameops (dot) net


NOTE: I'm currently working on including an English subtitle for the entire video. Please check out this page for important announcements and/or updates.
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