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Encantadia Episode 2 Recap (#EncantadiaPropesiya)

I couldn't find a live streaming link that works on my tablet for last night's episode of Encantadia, hence the day-late recap of the episode. Read my recap of the pilot here.

Kabanata 5: Ang Sumpa Kay Adhara (The Oath For Adhara)

The story picks up from the war between Hathoria and Sapiro. Meanwhile, Adhara is on a path that resembles the underworld and meets a demonlike creature, a god, much like Hades. She strikes a deal with the god who uttered a curse that she would rise again on Encantadia in the event of Mine-a's death.

We are brought back to the scene of the battle where King Armeo of Sapiro was struck down. The scene cuts to Queen Mine-a praying for the safe delivery of her child when she goes into labor. The scene cuts back to King Armeo on the ground while King Arvak of Hathoria corners him. Raquim was informed of the incident and runs to aid his brother. Arvak tries to get the (yellow) gem from Armeo when Raquim arrives and fights the former but gets knocked out anyway.

Cassiopea's prophecy was fulfilled when Arvak dies on Asval's arrow. His death marks the birth of the prophesied savior of Encantadia. Raquim takes the red and green gem from him and was also given the yellow gem from Armeo before he passed away.

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Mine-a celebrates the birth of her baby girl and gives her the name of her deceased sister, Amihan.

Asval tries to convince Raquim to take over Encantadia using the 3 gems in his possession but disagrees with him. He moves forward to search for the king's wife and his child. Raquim eventually finds the queen dead and the baby prince Ybrahim missing, presumed dead.

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Hagorn regains consciousness and finds his father's lifeless body. Asval presents himself as an ally and turns his loyalties against Raquim. Grieved with his father's passing, Hagorn curses Raquim and promises to seek his revenge on him.

Kabanata 6: Ang Bagong Sang'gre ng Lireo (The New Royal Fairy in Lireo)

Gurna continues to manipulate the mind of young princess Pirena. Mine-a introduces the baby to her first born but Pirena rejects her sister with obvious jealousy. The queen gives Pirena assurance that her love towards her will never change.

The servants talk about Pirena's attitude towards the baby and assumes it may have been a character of her father. The mystery behind her father's identity arises and was easily shut down by the head dama.

Back in Hathoria, Hagorn was sworn in as the new king and protector of the realm. He mourns his father's death and proceeds to burn his corpse.

Aquil reports to Queen Mine-a about the victory of Sapiro and Lireo during the war with Hathoria.

Pirena confronts her mother about the name and whereabouts of her father. Mine-a continues to protect her daughter's interests by keeping the identity of her father secret from her.

It is revealed that Gurna is in alliance with Hathors. She reports the birth of Mine-a's baby and who the father is. Hagorn sees a way to get revenge on Raquim, who he thought killed his brother.

That's it for episode 2. If you missed the first two episodes, or if you don't have a TV like me, subscribe to iFlix and watch full episodes a day after it airs.

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