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Encantadia Episode 3 Recap (#EncantadiaSumpaNiMinea)

If you're like me who can't watch the show by the time it airs, we rely on other resources. I, for one, wait for the episode to air on iflix. Here's a quick recap of last night's episode.

Raquim gives the 3 gems to Queen Mine-a for safekeeping. He was then presented with his baby, which is a welcome sight after the death of his brother and his family.

Young Pirena creates a floral arrangement to present to her mother, but before she can give it to her mother, she sees a happy family between Mine-a, Raquim, and baby Amihan.

Apitong tells the story of how the Hathors attacked the Queen of Sapiro and finding the baby Ybrahim. He takes the baby as his own.

Gurna finds Young Pirena crying, depressed by the fact that the queen mother looks happier with her new baby and its father. Gurna continues with the plan to kill baby Amihan as instructed by Hagorn but fails her mission when a random passerby shot an arrow that pierced her, making her drop the shortsword and leaving the baby behind. The baby was brought back to Lireo, and the shortsword presented to the queen.

[post_ad]Raquim recognized the shortsword belonging to Hagorn. Mine-a heads to Hathoria to confront Hagorn and curses all of Hathoria.

And that concludes last night's episode.

If you haven't seen the first two episodes, you can read the recap of the pilot here, and the 2nd episode here. Or download iflix and register for an account to watch all aired episodes and the original series.

Encantadia Episode 3 Recap (#EncantadiaSumpaNiMinea) Reviewed by Nickle Love on 7/21/2016 05:15:00 PM Rating: 5

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