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Encantadia Pilot Episode Recap

IMAGE Screengrab from GMA

The much awaited requel (retelling-sequel) of the grandest telefantasya on GMA Network aired Monday at 8pm. As some of us here at GameOPS are fans of the original series, we've decided to write recaps of each episode. It's an ambitious task but we will try our best to deliver.

The episode kicks off with a backstory that goes way farther than the original's pilot episode. A battle between two Diwatas (fairies) and a surprising turn of events when one of them was called Amihan. She was no match for the villanous diwata Adhara played by Sunshine Dizon (Pirena in the original series), who eventually captured her in a magical ball of some sort.

We then see Cassiopeia appear to fight some bad guys and being a BAMF. With her gift of seeing the future, she foresees a looming war.

Kabanata 1: Ang Dalawang Makapangyarihang Diwata (Chapter 1: The Two Powerful Fairies)

A visitor arrives to see Reyna Mine-a. The diwata called Amihan turns out to be her sister. Shortly after, it is revealed that it's not the real Amihan but Adhara disguised. Fighting ensues with Mine-a defeating Adhara who turns out to be really Amihan. Confused yet? So am I.

We are now introduced to the world of Encantadia and the origin of the war. From Cassiopeia using the Ynang Brilyante (mother gem? big bad gem?) to defeat Adhara, to dividing it into 4 pieces representing the elements and enlisting the 4 kingdoms in Encantadia to protect the gems.

Kabanata 2: Ang Pagkaganid ng Ika-Apat na Kaharian (Chapter 2: The Greed of the 4th Kingdom)

Hathoria, the fourth kingdom, lead by King Arvak was drawn to the power of the gems. They invaded Adamya to take the gem from Imaw, its protector (quite useless TBH).

Kabanata 3: Ang Galit ni Cassiopea (Chapter 3: The Wrath of Cassiopea)

Cassiopea, of course, found out the treachery of King Arvak and was mad AF. She sought them out out, had a fight, and revealed a premonition about a new protector of the realm who will be born by the time the king dies.

[post_ad]We see a young Pirena excited about the news of having a new sister. But her handmaiden Gurna poisons her mind with doubts about having a sibling to share the affections of her queen mother.

Kabanata 4: Ang Digmaan ng Sapiro At Hathoria (Chapter 4: The War Between Sapiro and Hathoria)

Sapirians prepare to defend their kingdom against the attack of Hathors. Mine-a prays to their god for protection from harm and received a mark on her hand indicating that it's time for her to give birth (so soon?)

The two kingdoms face each other in the field and the episode ends with the clash between Hathoria and Sapiro.

That concludes the pilot episode of tonight's Encantadia. If you haven't seen the episode yet, just do a some Googling or wait and see if the network will show a week's worth of episodes on Sunday, like they usually do.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Leave a comment below or tag us on Facebook or Twitter.
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