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Cease & Desist: Tim Cumper's Stalking and Defamatory Remarks on GameOPS

Mr. Timothy Ellis Cumper, husband of Lisa A Cumper, for the longest time I have allowed you to insult the website I have established 10 years ago. My writers and friends at GameOPS have their own free will to write whatever they want. Jepoy didn't in any way influence us to write about your stories. We did it on our own free will.

For the record, we were not hired by any real estate company, specifically Tierra Maria Estates, to clean their image online as you have been suggesting all along. We reacted on your stories under the freedom of speech.

I suggest you remove any other defamatory remarks against GameOPS (reference to Gay-Mops) and stop harassing our staff. We will use legal methods if you don't stop your online harassment and remove all defamatory remarks about GameOPS and our staff on your blogs. Your country has laws against cyberstalking and online harassments,
...if someone in England and Wales is harassing someone abroad by means of letters e-mails etc. and the Police in England and Wales are informed of this then the offender could be arrested for criminal harassment and prosecuted regardless of the fact the victim was abroad.

This is GameOPS' final warning to you Mr. Timothy Ellis Cumper.

Cease & Desist: Tim Cumper's Stalking and Defamatory Remarks on GameOPS Reviewed by Rocky on 9/07/2009 04:15:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. @euri - he's denying that there's no relation with Gay-Mops and GameOPS... But he kept on mentioning that I was with Gay-Mops... HUHLOLZ!

  2. You know, I was honestly trying to talk him out of this at Facebook. I was arguing about it with him that if he wanted REAL PROOF (since he always reply me with that statement - where's your proof?), the he could go to the Philippines, meet Mayen and see for his own eyes the proof that he wanted to see. If he still doesn't trust his own eyes, he could always find professionals that's he thinks he's comfortable with and do the checkup/investigations or whatever. If he will, he could even drag them all the way from UK (since he seem not to trust Filipinos that much) to satisfy himself. The easiest way to deal with a problem is confront it head on. But he seems uninterested in doing so.

    I still think, as I had suggested to him, in the simplest way I could, that it's better to have the professionals look at them than him speculating things like this. At least, when he let professionals look at it, his proof would be valid enough to sue his girlfriend, or otherwise, he'll end up in jail for public disturbance, profanity and others or something.

    The longer this drags on, just make him seem more like he's losing grounds over fact and reasoning and acts based on emotions - that people seem to "bully" him. "Bullying" are we still in grade school here?

    The next thing that would shock me, probably, is that he'll include PGMA in this entire country-wide conspiracy theory he's role playing.


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