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Pirates 'R Us - But wait, there's more! Multi-in-1 GameCube Wii Games

I didn't expect this much traffic from Rocky's post about the GameCube games being marketed and sold as Nintendo Wii games at Greenhills. GameOPS' average traffic of 600+ per day, has jumped to a whopping 5,824 yesterday! Thanks Eric! We're surprise to see the reactions of different people from different forums and websites around the world when they saw Rocky's post.

The reactions are simply amazing! From adoring the fake box arts to as far as booking a flight to the Philippines just to buy one of those GameCube Wii games.

Rocky's post was just the tip of the iceberg. Amidst the typhoon, I went to a well known shopping mall in Manila this evening to look for the same type of GameCube Wii Games that Rocky found in Greenhills. But low and behold, I've found something new...

The first game that I saw was this 4 in 1 Zelda game. The full sized DVD contains The Four Swords, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and the Ocarina of Time. This is better than the Master Quest compilation! The 4 in 1 Zelda game costs P400 or approx US$8.88

Dance Dance Revolution Mario? First Mario game for the WiiFit? Oh wait, the WiiFit hasn't been released yet.

What an offer, 3 Mario parties and you get to use the Wii controller to roll the dice. Online Gaming? The possibilities as endless. NOT!

Ahhh yes... Paper Mario... Wait. No Super? Almost got fooled there.

Where's Snake?

Remake after another? Oh wait, is that a Wiimote that Nemesis is holding?

WTF?! Another remake?

Believe me, Sonic isn't the fastest thing on this planet... it's the pirates.

Two sucky games in one. What more could you ask for?

Does this come with online play?

No comment :-|


Baten? Is this a new baseball game for the Wii?

By the way, for those who own a modified GameCube and are thinking of playing the multi-in-one games, you might have some trouble. According to what I've read before, the GameCube's lens is only capable of reading a specified radius or area on the disc. Single games might work since it only encompasses a small portion of the DVD. Multi-in-1 games occupies almost all of the area of a full sized DVD.

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  1. Thank Gizmodo for featuring pirates 'r us article.

    Anyway, i'm not a console gamer so i'm very much surprised that most wii games sold at greenhills were just a bunch of gamecube dvd-games.


  2. i just found out with a right-click i could drag a red line...

  3. en Pilipinas, las islas piratas!

  4. where could i buy that?

  5. Some of the more recent pirated covers indicate if they're wii specific or a gc game.


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