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Team GameOPS

Rocky Opiña (Rocky)
Founder of Rocky is now a married gamer. He is usually seen playing a 2D retro RPG on his android phone. He holds the record of beating Resident Evil 1 and 2 without a memory card.

John Phillips Bengero (Jepoy)
Loves Korean and Japanese women. Star Trek and Nintendo Fan. Legend of Zelda and Survival Horror genre games are his favorites. Listens to X Japan and SCANDAL like there's no tomorrow.

Glen Ramos (Glen)
The undisputed GameOPS fighting games champ who has beaten every single GameOPS member. Automatic/Turbo controllers are also no match to his thumb as proven by the "test your might" challenge of the original Mortal Kombat.

Mark Anthony Bravo (anonymark)
One of the resident geeks at GameOPS as he's into photography, Do-It-Yourself things, gadgets, fitness, cars, etc. He is hooked on RTS games and a self confessed Civilization addict.

Dian Dela Cruz (Dian)
Marketing Superwoman at 4 Fashion brands. Entrepreneur. Loves Fashion & Zombies. Saving the world one shopaholic at a time. Aims to promote self-love & positive body image. Supermom!

JM Taylor (JM)
A guy. Tokyo is where he lives. He has a special affinity for animals, yet at the same time, he enjoys eating them. This internal conflict has created in him a profound despair that has torn at every fiber of his existence.

Mia Lopez (Mia)
23 year old aspiring psychologist currently residing in Belgium, honing her talents to be able to read your mind. A former amateur model and TV celeb in Kuya Germs's Walang Tulugan. She loves singing, painting, long walks, and serial killer documentaries.

Reia Ayunan (GM Reia)
Filipina blogger, model, host, and cosplayer based in Kuala Lumpur. She is the owner of MEIDOLLS Cafe in the Philippines. She also writes for When in Manila and Asia 361.

Bea Corbilla (Bea)
A certified GameOPS Gurl Gamer and a former ZX Online CM (Community Manager) of e-Games Philippines. She also served as an APM (Assistant Product Manager) for RAN Online, Runes of Magic, Granado Espada, and Nostale of e-Games Philippines. She's into RPG and a self-confessed Final Fantasy geek. She once joined a Tekken Tournament in Robinsons Galleria a few years ago and managed to get into the semi-finals. Today, she's a freelance photographer and blogs at

Shabby Pablo (Shabby)
Photographer, engineer, blogger. ♥ Coffee, wine, books, anything Japanese, music, and art

Rain Contreras (rain contreras)
Not a gamer. Gobbles up Japanese post-rock and frilly-dressed pop idols easily in one sitting.

RJ Palabasan (malabo)
ADHD. Bad eyesight. Shy. Has no idea what he's doing here.

Aja Lapus (Aja Lapus)
Kpop fanboy, gamer, all-around geek, and a sucker for eye-smiles.

Mike Abundo (Mike Abundo)
"Mike is truly a leading advocate for the responsible use of technology in everyday life. He has proven himself time and time again as a voice of reason in a sea of gobbledygook and technical chatter that continue to flood the multimedia channels of our modern lifestyles." -- Cesar Tolentino, Founder, Competitive Insights Research and Consulting.

Marice Maestro (Marice Maestro)
An accountant by profession. A cat person who owns a pug. She want to travel the world before she turns 30. If you have tax problems, email her at maestromarice(at)gmail(dot)com

JV Yap (Jv)
A techie guy. Loves to travel and try new stuff. Adventurous person, loves to eat, read manga and anime, playing magic: the gathering, collecting info with the universe, dispersing ghost and evil, and playing video games especially Vainglory.

Israel Buenaluz (El)
El considers himself as classic gamer. From classic Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis, he knows them all. Classic JRPGs are also his favorite. He also loves watching anime during weekends.

Detective OPS (Detective OPS)
007 agent and GameOPS' licensed troublemakershooter. He is GameOPS' ultimate source of gaming intelligence and also the Street Fighter sensei of Rocky.

GameOPS Blog Hall of Fame (2007-2021)
  1. Nikita Lim
  2. Daniel Dela Cruz
  3. Alvin Infantado
  4. Alex Villafania
  5. Kat Pineda
  6. Micael de Rivera
  7. Jan Michael Tan
  8. Debbie Bula
  9. Tristan Karlo Datoc
  10. Nickle Love
  11. Bea Ilagan
  12. Rochelle Chua
  13. Siopao Master [John Andrew Delos Santos]
  14. Euri Chua

The GameOPS Elders (2000-2005)
  1. Jay Anthony Encarnacion
  2. Paulo Bengero
  3. Miko Elisha Liggayu
  4. Cezar Francisco Jr.
  5. Germaine Lisa Ang
  6. Ryan Joseph Benjamin
  7. Jefferson Junatas
  8. Elgin Jan Candoleta
  9. Ademar Aurelio Jr.
  10. Ferdinand Ebido
  11. Jei Dela Cruz (GameOPS Gurl Gamer)
  12. Kara Hizon (GameOPS Gurl Gamer)
  13. Isabel Romua (GameOPS Gurl Gamer)
  14. Paolo Campos (The original GameOPS Gurl Gamer!!)
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