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Team GameOPS

John Phillips Bengero (Jepoy)
Adores Korean and Japanese women, and is a big fan of Star Trek and Nintendo. He enjoys games such as Star Trek Online, Legend of Zelda, and Resident Evil, and can't get enough of X Japan and SCANDAL's music. He occasionally streams his gameplay on Twitch and Facebook via Captain's Log.

Shabby Pablo (Shabby)
A highly skilled engineer who possesses a diverse range of interests, including photography and blogging. She is a connoisseur of coffee, wine, books, Japanese culture, music, and art, and her passion for these subjects is evident in her work. She enjoys playing farming simulators and visual novel games, and occasionally streams her gameplay on Twitch.

Rain Contreras (Rain)
Casual gamer who enjoys streaming games and playing Yakuza on his laptop. He has a particular fondness for Japanese post-rock and frilly-dressed pop idols, which he can easily consume in one sitting. Additionally, he's a big fan of several Vtubers and enjoys photography. Rain is also one of the founding members of Rangefinder Filipinas, a community of talented photographers.

JV Yap (JV)
A tech-savvy and adventurous individual with a variety of interests, including exploring new places and indulging in culinary delights. He enjoys reading manga and anime, playing Magic: The Gathering, and unwinding with video games. Additionally, JV is the host of a weekly online show on The House of Mystics PH, where he debunks myths about ghosts and evil spirits and tackles topics related to the universe.

JM Taylor (JM)
A guy. Tokyo is where he lives. He has a special affinity for animals, yet at the same time, he enjoys eating them. This internal conflict has created in him a profound despair that has torn at every fiber of his existence.

Israel Buenaluz (El)
A self-proclaimed classic gamer with expertise in Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis. He has a penchant for classic JRPGs and enjoys watching anime on weekends. Additionally, photography is one of his hobbies.

Lou Alvin Elizalde (Lou)
An avid gamer who enjoys playing on his Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. He's a big fan of anime and Japanese culture, and enjoys photography as a hobby.

Jamina Rosales (Mina)
A passionate casual gamer who loves spending her free time playing games on her Nintendo Switch. She's also an avid fan of Formula One and enjoys discussing the sport with anyone who shares the same interest. Mina's diverse interests in gaming and motorsports always keep her exploring new avenues to indulge in her hobbies. Besides, Mina is an audiophile who loves discovering new music and audio experiences.

Ademar Aurelio Jr. (Red)
One of the original members of GameOPS, and he has recently made a comeback. He has brought back his iconic profile GIF from 2001 and continues to enjoy playing classic 8-bit games. In his free time, Red is a dedicated animal lover who spends his time rescuing street cats.

  1. Mia Lopez
  2. Dian Dela Cruz
  3. JM Taylor
  4. Reia Ayunan
  5. Aja Lapus
  6. Mike Abundo

GameOPS Blog Hall of Fame (2007-2023)
  1. Nikita Lim
  2. Daniel Dela Cruz
  3. Alvin Infantado
  4. Alex Villafania
  5. Kat Pineda
  6. Micael de Rivera
  7. Jan Michael Tan
  8. Debbie Bula
  9. Tristan Karlo Datoc
  10. Nickle Love
  11. Bea Ilagan
  12. Rochelle Chua
  13. Siopao Master [John Andrew Delos Santos]
  14. Euri Chua
  15. Marice Maestro
  16. RJ Palabasan

The GameOPS Elders
  1. Jay Anthony Encarnacion
  2. Rocky Opina
  3. Mark Bravo
  4. Glen Ramos
  5. Detective OPS
  6. Imp Buster
  7. Paulo Bengero
  8. Miko Elisha Liggayu
  9. Cezar Francisco Jr.
  10. Germaine Lisa Ang
  11. Ryan Joseph Benjamin
  12. Jefferson Junatas
  13. Elgin Jan Candoleta
  14. Ferdinand Ebido
  15. Jei Dela Cruz (GameOPS Gurl Gamer)
  16. Kara Hizon (GameOPS Gurl Gamer)
  17. Isabel Romua (GameOPS Gurl Gamer)
  18. Paolo Campos (The original GameOPS Gurl Gamer!!)

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