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GameOPS is the first Philippine website dedicated to video games founded by Rocky Opina and John Phillips Bengero. We started out as an electronic magazine or e-zine on January 3, 1998. The e-zine was originally called igad's Video Game e-Zine and published news and rumors from GamePRO and Electronic Gaming Monthly magazines.


January 3, 1998 - igad's Video Game e-Zine was born. Gaming news were posted online. GamePRO and Electronic Gaming Magazine used as sources.

January 12, 1998 - igad's Video Game e-Zine started to host a few game guides and cheats.

March 19, 1999 - igad's Video Game e-Zine shuts down.

February 2000 - Rocky and Jepoy dreamt of having a website similar to GameFAQs and revived igad's Video Game e-Zine. It was later renamed to igad's Video Game HotSpot.

March 19, 2000 - igad's Video Game HotSpot was renamed to GameOPS.

May 2000 - Registered an account at GeoCities and targeted July 2000 as the website launch.

July 2000 - Launch was postponed to October 2000.

August 2000 -  Site slogans "Speak Your Mind" and "It's Not The System, It's All About The Game" refers to "reader reviews" and the "quality of games" respectively.

October 2, 2000 - The domain was registered.

October 26, 2000 - GameOPS - The Ultimate Filipino Site Dedicated to Video Games was finally launched on GeoCities!

January 2001 - PC Games section was added. Forged partnerships with PinoyPC and DOGZ (Destiny's Online GameZone). Number of contributors and volunteers now at 17.

April 2001 - GameOPS was relaunched with new features, website layout, and sections such as Gurl Gamer, IRC Chat Room, WAP website, and a Message Board.

September 2001 - GameOPS was included in a Globe Telecom newspaper ad featuring the text/sms update service. (Text GAMEOPS to 2355)

March 2002 - GameOPS shuts down due to conflicting schedules and lack of updates.

March 2007 - The idea of reviving GameOPS and converting it into a video game blog was proposed.

April 13, 2007 - GameOPS was officially relaunched as a video game blog.

May 2007 - International gaming websites such as Joystiq, Kotaku, MaxConsole, and Engadget began to link to our Pirates 'R Us articles. GameOPS received a lot of flak from another Filipino gaming community for posting articles about piracy.

April 17, 2010 - GameOPS was relaunched as a video game/technology/pop culture blog. New sections such as Featured Gamer, Nihonsei, Fanboy Fight Fest (FFF), and Retro Gaming Nights. A sub category within Globe Telecom's myGlobe Message Boards was renamed to GameOPS Tech and News Forum. This served as the new GameOPS Message Board.

June 19-20, 2010 - GameOPS joins the 9th Philippine ToyCon with 2 booths. Displayed classic video game consoles and offered free play of Duck Hunt and Street Fighter 4. GameOPS was hailed as the #1 exhibit booth.

June 18-19, 2011 - GameOPS joins the 10th Philippine ToyCon and invited Back2Gaming to join their booth. GameOPS held the first Street Fighter 4 tournament.

December 2011 - GameOPS won the Best Luzon Technology Blog award of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards.

February 2014 - GameOPS website shuts down but continued posting news articles on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

June 16, 2016 - The GameOPS' social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) posted a teaser on the return of the GameOPS website.

July 1, 2016 - GameOPS officially returns.

So to sum it up we were the first, we were the best, and we are back to claim the iron throne! Just kidding :P

Check out the nostalgic photos below:

(The first site layout concept of igad's GameOPS)

(igad's GameOPS Launch Notice)

(igad's GameOPS Launch Notice -2nd)

The GameOPS Launch

(igad's GameOPS 1st layout)

(igad's GameOPS 2nd layout)

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