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Privacy Policy

GameOPS respects and value your privacy as how we value our. This blog, including blog posts and and information you provide, are hosted on Google's servers. The following describes our privacy practices on this blog.

Personal information
  1. Since this blog is hosted on Google servers, Google automatically records information about your use of the service, such as when you use Blogger and the frequency and size of data transfers.
  2. Google records your IP address and domain names but not your email address whenever you view an entry or post a comment. Google does not collect your email address.
  3. Aside from Google, this website is also using third party site statistics services that also track your IP addresses, domain names, entry and exit pages, and the time duration of your visits. These third party site statistic tool do not collect your name or email addresses.
  4. Your email would only be collected when you subscribe to the our email subscription or when you use the contact form provided by this website. The email subscription is handled by Google's Feedburner and each subscriber is given an option to opt out of the service anytime. The contact form on the other hand is being handled by Wufoo. Your email address will not be shared to anyone without your knowledge.
  5. If you are currently logged on your Google account, this site will store your cookie to save your login information. Please refer to Blogger's privacy policy.
  1. Google stores copies of your comments while the GameOPS staff provide comment moderation.
  2. This blog contains links to external websites and the GameOPS staff are not aware of their privacy practices.
  3. This blog displays contextual advertisements from Google Adsense. Please check their website for their detailed privacy policy.

More information

If you have further questions, please use the contact form provided on this website.
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