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ASUS My Eee PC Fair

Since its introduction in the market, Asus EEE PC has gained following. The name Eee derives from "the three Es," an abbreviation of Asus advertising for the device: "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play". Yesterday, Asus opened SM North EDSA Annex’s Techno Lounge for the EEE PC users and enthusiasts for the ASUS My Eee PC Fair.

Originally designed to appeal to children and older users, it has attracted everyone looking for a lightweight budget PC that weighs next to nothing and connects to the Internet easily. The Eee Pc is remarkably versatile machine for the price.

Asus has set a new class of device with the EEE PC. It has marked itself as a brand, product and marketing leader for mobile internet devices or what is now known as net books. It has set the trend for mobile devices that other brands later followed. EEE PC has received recognition and awarded locally and internationally by respected technology publications and organizations.

My EEE PC Fair

The fair showcases the different Asus EEE PCs introduced to the market. It is also to give tribute for the fervent support to EEE PCs.

The Eee PC owners and guests are up for exciting games and activities. Different booths are set around the area by Asus in partnership with Globe Tattoo, Logitech, Bo’s Coffee and Star Cruise to visit. People can also enjoy EEE PC balloons and take loads of pictures with your EEE PCs and friends at the photo booth area.

Coinciding with the fair is the awarding of the winners of first . The contest was opened to all Asus Eee PC owners and blog entries that recently concluded last September 30, 2009.

My EEE PC My Life Campaign

My Eee PC My Life Blogging is being hosted to give voice to all EEE PC lovers in the country. It is about blogging one’s life experiences with his/her EEE PC. How they live their daily lives, travelled the world and still got connected with their EEEs.

ASUS Philippines was the first to launch this kind of marketing initiative among its ASUS offices in different countries. Over 150 bloggers participated and shared their Eeexperiences online and their entries were shared at Because of the success of the campaign, My Eee PC My Life is now being executed by its counterparts having their own versions like photos of EEE PCS and their owners’ EEE PC adventures.

Asus My Eee PC My Life Blogging Contest Winners

1ST PLACE - Jamie Lynn Tan

Jamie has recently just graduated from De La Salle University-Manila in Bachelor of Science Major in Biology. Currently out of school, she plans to pursue Medicine this coming June, 2010.

Aside from being a student, Jamie loves to trave and is a seasoned traveller herself. From Manila to Pangasinan to Singapore and Malaysia, she travels with great enthusiasm. Online, she is active in updating her online accounts about her travels, school and other daily musing. She regularly checks on her Multiply, Facebook, blog, Plurk and Twitter besides other.

Her other interest varies from sports, music, photography, current events, food and books. At present, she continues to fulfil her role as a daughter, sister, student, blogger and becoming a successful doctor in years to come. She is living her life to the fullest.

2ND PLACE - Lowell Aguirre

Lowellis a netizen. He is a Corporate Vampire, customer service representative in other words. Finished with BS Degrees in Accounting, Business Management and Management Accounting, he quit his job in the Internal Audit industry so he could discover what he really wants to do.

He likes long walks on the beach, candlight dinners with his friends and/or but really if you want to find out about him then you can find out by reading his posts at this website:

Most of his posts will be about movies and cyberspace as he love them both. He is not an addict when it comes to writing but a crazy blogger though. He writes about all the little things in life that gladden his spirit and surprise his readers. He may write about things to ponder about but the general tone of his blog would be light and fluffy and sometimes harsh but with sense.

3RD PLACE – Evanjohn Mendoza

Vanjohnn is a third year Medical Technology student in Cebu Velez College. He enjoys reading, photography, music, linguistics, animals, and nature. His passions are all channeled into one medium: Blogging.

Photoblogger is the name he goes by with on the net. He guest writes for, and has his own sites:, (a school weblog), and Apart from working on blogs alone, Vanjohnn has been in the field of photography for already 7 years and never deems himself worthy of the title "Photographer" thus the name: Photoblogger.
A lover of many things, his hunger does not stop in books and animals alone. He is also a proud writer and Technology crazed person who's always on the look out for what's hot and what's new in the field of technology.

4th PLACE - Hermarie Villegas

Hershey is a mass comm. graduate who once dreamed of becoming an architect. Her lack of math skills however, prevented her from pursuing that dream. Now, she is happy being in corporate communications and dabbles into graphic design and events staging on the side. She’s also into composing songs and interior design using popular music and design softwares but has yet to make money or become famous from these endeavours. Nevertheless, she spends countless hours creating “masterpieces” on her Eee that to date, only her family and friends appreciate.

Hershey is often online and has a number of social networking and blog accounts (which needs updating). Just recently, she discovered the joys of joining internet-based contests, like the My Eee PC, My Life blog contest, and has been busy making and uploading videos on YouTube as well as on amateur video competition sites.

Married for the last 16 years to her college sweetheart and mom to three adorable boys, Hershey is happy and contented that all her blogs and songs are mainly about her family and her crazy, wonderful, even mundane experiences with them.

5th PLACE - Aisa Mijeno

Aisa loves joining online competitions like My Eee PC My Life Blog Contest. She had been joining events alike since 2006 and grew fond of it when she had been chosen as one of the 20 semi-finalists for ANIMAX Fashion Ability Contest.

In year 2008, when she was still working as a technical support for an online submission system developed by Elsevier Publishing; she was asked to join an online poster competition organized by KT Cultural Foundation and APEC Education Foundation where she won bronze prize for her “Red Jeepney” piece. She received a certificate for having one of the most outstanding artwork from the competition.

In college, she and five of her closest friends and classmates designed a biped robot which won the second best design project of the year only losing due to the main use and purpose of their design which she defended from the judges and asked them if they could form a rudimentary lathe which made a huge impact into getting the second prize.

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