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Liberty Broadcasting Network Launches wi-tribe in the Philippines

San Miguel Corporation has officially joined the wireless broadband fray by introducing wi-tribe to the Philippine broadband market. wi-tribe is a wireless broadband brand by Qatar Telecom (Qtel) and A.A. Tukri Group of Companies (Atco) of Saudi Arabia which has its own share of subscribers from Jordan and Pakistan.

wi-tribe will be operating under San Miguel controlled Liberty Broadcasting Network, Inc. It has a congressional franchise approved in 1956 and valid until 2014 to operate radio broadcasting stations and television stations for international and domestic communications. How did broadband came into picture? Don't ask me.

wi-tribe uses 4th Generation (or 4G) wireless technology to carry their broadband signals. In other terms, WiMax. They'll be the 2nd (or 3rd?) to offer WiMax in the Philippines, first was Globe Telecom. Some useful trivia from wi-tribe's website:
  • 4G is broadband that delivers true wired speeds without wires.
  • 4G is faster because it has more bandwidth.
  • 4G is completely portable so you can enjoy it in your office, so you can bring it to your favorite coffee-shop, or your hang out.
  • 4G is 3 times faster than 3G technology.
  • 4G is the preferred broadband technology that will give you the richer, pleasurable internet experience you truly deserve.
As of now, there are still no available information on their coverage and subscription packages. But I bet it will be around the same price as what Globe, Smart, Sun, and Bayantel are offering.

wi-tribe in Pakistan offers 256kbps, 512kbps, and 1Mbps packages and if they're going to offer these same speeds here in the Philippines, then Sun, Globe, and Smart are still faster since all of them offer 2Mbps.

For more information about wi-tribe, visit

UPDATE: They have a 1Mbps package with the following terms:
  • 1Mbps for P998/month
  • 24 months lock-in period, modem is free.
  • 12 months lock-in period, pay P2000 for the modem
  • 6 months lock-in period, buy the modem for P4000
  • All accounts have a download limit of 3GB per month.

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  1. I am here to say something. I support some of the commenter. But not all. Good impression. Thanks


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