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Filipinos: Resistance to Resilience – A Guide to Change

Our thirst for change has never been plain-spoken. It is well-kept within us as part of our daily lives. What can we do? Transition makes us uncomfortable. Even things that are unethical and worse, illegal seemed normal.

Not until before the 2016 elections when we finally poured our hearts out through democratic regime our wager for change. However, our responsibility doesn’t stop there – we have still a long way to go. As Michael Jackson’s song goes, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.. I’ll ask him if he’ll change his ways.”

Below are the key attributes recommended for people who are determined to be part of the transformation of the Philippines.

1.) Be optimistic - Though it is truly overwhelming to start, positive-thinking is the way to go. Optimism means you are ready to embrace the unknown. Some people who do not know how to start leads them to overthink. Most of the time they end up paralyzed by over-analyzing. Do not expect results if you don’t even start.

2.) Keep your eyes on the prize - There may be challenges on your way but ask yourself: what is life without challenges? Stay focused; remember the time when you made your new year’s resolution? Why did it not materialize when in fact you were halfway there? Jot down the things that happened along the way and learn from them. Fight off temptations you encounter to get that consistency going.

[post_ad]3.) Bend but do not break - Flexibility is king; when fathomed by doubt, squeeze yourself in between or stretch yourself around. Try a different course of action in case what you’re doing doesn’t seem to work. As cliche as it sounds, try to think outside the box.

4.) Prepare and organize - Go one step ahead of yourself and two steps ahead of others. Through that, the uncontrollable and unforeseen can be easily managed. Guns don’t recoil if you have the proper grip. Same with change; if you hold it with two hands, adjusting would be easy.

5.) Be proactive - Work with the current rather than going against it so you don’t drown.

Transition in taxation? Not a problem. ETM-Tax Agent Office will be having their second annual Taxpayer’s Conference.

If you’re fed up with the system and optimistically rooting for change, attend the said conference; be informed and empowered as our speakers guide you thoroughly through change.

Call ETM-Tax Agent Office at (02) 425-9225 / 0922-801-0922 or email at etmtaxagentofficeinc (at) gmail(dot)com for more details.

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