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Sega to release Virtua Fighter 4 for the PS2, Sonic for the GBA


As part of its strategy to provide software to multiple consoles, Sega has announced that it will ship three games for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and five games for the Sony PlayStation 2. A Sonic the Hedgehog game will highlight its GBA lineup, and its primary PlayStation 2 project is a version of the next game in its flagship fighting series, Virtua Fighter 4. Among its other PS2 products are games in the Space Channel 5 and Sakura Wars series and two new games in its popular Japanese Let's Make A Sports Team series. Additional GBA games include the unique puzzle game from Sonic Team, Chu Chu Rocket, and a new Puyo Puyo game. Of these games, Sonic the Hedgehog Advance and Chu Chu Rocket for the GBA and Virtua Fighter 4 and possibly Space Channel 5 for the PlayStation 2 will be released in North America. The first games will appear in late summer.

Although there were no specific announcements regarding development plans on the Nintendo GameCube or the Microsoft Xbox, the company did say that it plans to ship more than 30 games for multiple platforms in the current calendar year, and it is currently negotiating publishing deals for both consoles. Sega will also continue to support the Dreamcast console with games such as Sonic Adventure 2, Crazy Taxi 2, Shenmue 2, and World Series Baseball 2K2--all scheduled to be released this year. There are several exclusive games planned for the console, but those were not announced.

"We have an incredible lineup, key opportunities with other non-gaming devices, and a huge combined installed base worldwide for next-generation platforms," said Peter Moore, president and CEO of Sega of America. "With this in place, Sega is well positioned to become the world's dominant interactive software publisher and the leading network entertainment company given our online strengths."
Sega has additional unannounced products planned for both the PlayStation 2 and the Game Boy Advance.


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