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Vista Compatibility Issues with Hackshield

I am not a fan of these online games but Glen insisted that I install Freestyle on my newly revived desktop. After downloading and updating the installer, the game won't start. My desktop computer has Windows Vista installed and the first error I encountered was a DLL permission error. This error is normal since Microsoft has decided to embed a lot of stupid and time consuming "security" measures for their new OS. I ran the program again as an administrator thus eliminating the DLL permission error. The next error I got was with Hackshield. Something like, "problem in antihacking function detected..."

I've visited the Level Up! boards and Googled a view sites that lead me to It seems that Hackshield is not fully compatible with Vista. Being persistent, I emailed Level Up! for assistance and attached a screenshot of the exact error I got with all the exact details.

Here's the reply I got:
Agent : Isabella Tuazon
Date Posted : 25/04/2007 10:38 am

Response Description :
windows Vista Operating system is not yet compatible with all of LU Games. you may try if want but there's no assurance that it'll run smoothly

You can already see from the screenshot that the game won't even run. Haaay... techsupport... *whistles*

I just hope that hackshield updates their program as a lot of poor US consumers are already having Vista nightmares. I need to level up my level 6 player in Freestyle :~)

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  1. i know what you mean...i wanted to play freestyle too... but as the says said... hackshield is not compatible with Vista... even went to the same site... hackshieldsucks... heheh... i thought it was a problem with Vista's UAC... i turned it off but still same error...
    i told customer support about my problem and received an email from their customer support.. telling me to switch back to XP... :( oh well just have to wait for the hack shield update.


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