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PSP Piracy in the Philippines

Buying pirated PSP games here in the Philippines is like buying a candy from a store

Piracy here in the Philippines is not legal, but hey, shopping malls out there tolerate these kind of businesses and the government is like sleeping their ass out over the matter. Take for example the picture above shows downloaded PSP games for sale over the counter.

They sell these stuff Php30 per game and Php150 per CDs that contain downloaded games. Heck they even have a list of the available games and you can also request a game not on the list. How cool is that?

These are the reason why Sony didn't officially launched the PSP here in the Philippines *sigh*

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  1. Somehow I have little doubt how to clean up piracy in the Phil. They had that for years and years even before consoles came out. No one had the brains to clean it up since most decision makers dont really care or lack the understanding.

  2. Who wrote this article and why are you hating on piraters so much?I mean with all the other issues going on within our country and government isn't pirating like low on the totem pole so to speak?As far as Sony not releasing in the Philippines, can someone then please tell me how I have a PS2 and a PSP?

  3. If you think of it, sometimes piracy is also cool. they are sharing cheap games which only rich people can only afford or play. ts like only rich people deserve to have such kind of intertainment.
    big company dont lose with these few piracy.
    still you have to buy their units r gadgets to play pirated games,
    and if someone can afford to buy such costly games & gadgetts they would buy it.
    and if i have the money i wouldnt buy pirated games.

  4. cyf you ignorant kid, what he meant was it wasn't released officially because the Philippines is flooded with pirates. It is like that with most third world countries.

  5. and that is the reason why psp 3000 can't read downloadable games. it's because sony is trying to stop piracy here in the phils.

    you can buy original but low price of umd in data blitz. just saying.

  6. psp wouldnt be a hit in the phil if the games are not pirated. sony will prosper but not the game producers. if somehow sony could compensate the game makers,though that's next to impossible

  7. i would like to buy psp than i can afford but the price of psp in the Philippines are high

  8. @Anonymous1
    I think you should think of the game developers. If you buy a PSP unit from Sony, It doesn't mean that the game developers would also gain revenue. Game developers has their each company, separated from
    Sony. So for an instance, you bought a PSP Unit and pirated a copy of "Tekken 6", Sony might gain a bit of revenue from the PSP Unit but not for Namco. As such, I think that game developers, especially indie game developers are the most affected group due to piracy.

    On the other hand, piracy here in Philippines, as well as other third world country, has a complex economy where it involves people whom depends on it as a livelihood. It would take a long time before things get settled here. Only if revisions in the law should be made.


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