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Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Fraud

Wendy Valdez is the subject of intrigues this week, from her emotional (or acting?) outbursts to her love (or acting again?) interest with Bruce Angelo Quebral. Lots of people are questioning Wendy's presence inside the house (including the core staff of GameOPS) and this email from a supposedly ABS-CBN employee might shed some light.
This is how the fraud currently happening in Pinoy Big Brother Season two.

"I have worked for ABS-CBN for almost four years now, since i finished my M.A on Mass Comm - Broadcast Communication in 2003. As part of production on News and Current Affairs, my work has been mostly rewarding, with good benefits despite the low base pay (I’m including this part so you would understand why I accepted the offer to be transferred to conceptualization of some reality shows particularly the current one, PBB.) Because of the sensitivity of my status (I am still working there) I cannot divulge my name, gender and current position in ABS-CBN. Still, I would like to inform those who are interested (who, most probably, are now wondering why Wendy Valdez is still inside the house and not evicted yet, as most must have assumed.)

When I was asked if I wanted to be part of the conceptualization of the current and upcoming reality shows that ABS-CBN would be showing (with higher compensation, obviously), I accepted the offer. How bad can it get, I said, since most of these shows run on public voting and my job would mostly include thinking of the “challenges” that Kuya instructs the housemates to do.

Apparently, conceptualization incorporates more than that. As I have known after the pre-screening of the auditioners, as early as the application process, we have to note who we think will “attract the public most” and who we think will “make the ratings go off the roof.” After the initial screening, we had to choose the top 100 of the batch, and even though some did not “theoretically pass” the audition (some weren’t able to complete the documents needed), since they have mass appeal, they made it to the first cut, and some were even included in the finalists that entered the BB house.
As you all know, the eviction process is supposed to be based on the votes that the “nominated housemates” - the housemate with the lowest vote will be evicted. I dont know about the previous editions of the PBB (since I only worked under this series this season), but what surprised us the most was when we were informed that the voting only affects the decision minimally - that the voting actually shows who the public wants to see again the following day - but that was it. the truth is, there are so-called “talent auditors.” These people are the ones who really put the big decision as to who will be evicted, and who will stay. Of course, this never became obvious since I cannot deny the fact that we receive millions of votes during eviction night. That is, until Wendy was evicted, and then later returned to join the housemates who are legitimately still in the contest. And the reason is this: the Wendy-Bruce loveteam is working. Have you ever noticed why most of the episodes are focused on the Wendy-Bruce loveteam? It is because ratings are really high, meaning that people want to see how their relationship develops.

I have never received this much question about my work before. My friends want to know how someone who was already evicted be suddenly returned to the house. Actually, that is one of the “twists” that are really planned to be included in the show. But there are actually three evicted housemates that were vying to be returned to the house, and Wendy was one of them. We were asked who we think should be the one to return to the house, and Zeke won. But after discussing that the Wendy-Bruce love team was too interesting to abruptly end, it was Wendy who got the spot. Aside from that, we were later informed by one of the production managers who was disappointed with the decision, Wendy was “Direk Dyogi’s pet.”

I told this story to some of my friends, and they were surprised to know the truth, particularly because some of them were voting for their favorite contestant. I told them only one thing - that they are just wasting their money in voting. As I have personally seen, the path of the contest is already drawn, and the voting only affects the decision minimally, as I have said. This only tells us who the public wants to see again inside the house. The eviction of Nel tonight is the classic example. Nel got the second lowest number of votes, Wendy got the lowest. But the administrators think that perhaps the Wendy-Bruce loveteam is still up, so we had to give it one last shot. If the ratings go down, or if on Tuesday (the next eviction night), Wendy still gets the lowest vote, she’s out of the contest.

I did not want to reveal all of these, partly because of my loyalty to the company that has given me so much over the years, but I personally think that it is unfair to make one suffer for another’s gain. Since I have done background checks on the housemates, I know for a fact that Nel isn’t very well-off, and should have been given his chance fairly. I feel bad to know that I am included in a ploy to confuse and even fool people into believing that they control the outcome of the show. That is why I went ahead and did this post. I wanted people to know how PBB works.

If you really want to let the network know how disappointed you are with the outcome, make the ratings go down at least until Tuesday. And do not waste your money in voting, or if you really want to and have the means to do so, vote for who you really think should be included in the big 4 - this way, hopefully, Wendy will be out on Tuesday for good."

-- ABS-CBN Employee / PBB Conceptualizer

So who is Wendy Valdez? Here's her profile from the official Pinoy Big Brother website.

TV Show/s: Fear Factor, America's Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek
Movie/s: Vanilla Sky, 50 First Dates, The Notebook, If Only, Wicker Park
Actor/Actress: Heather Graham, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise
Singer/Band: Sade, Pussycat Dolls
Food: Sinigang na Baboy
Cartoon Character: Yosemite Sam
This or That
Paris or Britney? Britney
Loud or Mellow? Loud
Summer or Rainy days? Summer
Quek-quek or fishballs? Quek-quek
Rollercoaster or carousel? Rollercoaster
Scary or funny movie? Scary

Pressing Questions
1.How would you describe the perfect housemate?
Hindi boring para masaya!
2. What chores do you think you would excel in?
Linis ng bahay.
3.) What are your worst traits/habits?
Pagtaas ng paa sa hapagkainan.
4.) What turns you on/off?
Cute smile/ Bad breath.
5.) If you were allowed to bring one thing inside, what would it be?
6.) Describe your ideal boy/girl?
Super sweet and romantic
7.) Who is your celebrity crush?
Tom Cruise
8.) Most embarrassing experience?
Sumemplang ako sa hopper in front of many people.
9.) What's the wildest/daring thing you ever did?
Marami. :)
10.) What's one thing you don't want to happen to you inside the house?
Pagtulungan ng mga housemate.
The Lowdown

An ex-beauty queen, Wendy currently serves as her family’s breadwinner. She claims she’s going to do anything she has to do to help her family out. She’s already done a couple of commercials, joined the Binibining Pilipinas, and tried to work in Japan as an entertainer. The two times she went to Japan, though, she was attacked by homesickness (the first time) and depression (second time). Still in an effort to improve her family’s life, she auditioned for Pinoy Dream Academy. She never got past the final 38.

Last week, rumors already circulated that Wendy and Bruce already knew each other even before they entered the PBB house. Both of them are models/talents of Mercator Models ( The website has been mysteriously taken down for unknown reasons though.

Also last week, a rumor about our favorite Bi@tch Wendy circulated the Pinoy blogosphere and emails.
Facts about Wendy

i think even if how hard we try to hide our real “mukha” lalabas at lalabas din to. i know wendy from FEU (my school too) the main reason why she passed her mascomm degree is because she ****ed (sorry for the term) our professor last february. (this is true we have pix and cams) inside the speech laboratory all schoolmates know this. She said shes went to japan as a dancer…it is true but she works in a prostitute house there and is charged $150 (pls convert to yen) a night. Shes had controversial issues in FEU before about her story because she denied this when called to explain herself(kailangan ng FEU na mag background check sa students for school image) sabi ba naman niya “i went to japan as a cultural dancer” may cultural bang inuuwi at binababoy ng mga customer?(confidential files from 2005 feu) IT is true that she is
a good person but trust me when i say this. she should not deny the fact of her past so she can gain advantage over other people. SHe is NOT POOR. her last boyfriend was a Japanese DOM (62) named Hakimoto Ikita who gave her more than a million pesos. After she got the money she enrolled herself AGAIN IN FEU. this was around 2003. and left her lover to rot in Japan. while she was with the JAP guy. she was engaged sexually with my cousin T.H. Morales. also a student in FEU. reason they broke up. He caught wendy in bed with another DOM. It is sad to admit that my cousin is a shabu addict and so is wendy.they have sessions with drugs and after they have loud *** ( i should know my cousin lives next to me i can hear them). I am not against wendy or anything…and im happy that this might be her next step to changing her bad ways of using people for money…i am just sad that she keeps on making herself look “nakaka awa” to other people on tv so she can get more votes. i just want her to be real and honest of who she is…she is hiding from a beautiful face and a sexy body… all i want is her honesty.

I pity Bruce he seems to be a nice guy to fall for someone like wendy…i told you shes an evil genius. she has her ways of convincing people to like her… through her lies and many faces. i bet after big brother and shes a star…she will never look at bruce the same way like shes trying to portray now. She has used a lot of people already…i
know miss M guidance councelor. sometimes shes saddened of wendy’s personality problem and wendy being a user.

if you found this article rude…my apologies if you found this article enlightening…
thank you

im hoping that the true PBB housemate deserving to win should win…but i hope wendy won’t coz she is not deserving to me.

thank you…

Ma.Kathleen Morales Espiritu

Well I guess we don't need some rumors to see the REAL Wendy right?

UPDATE (06/30/2007):
PBB Management Answers Letter of So-called PBB Insider
June 27, 2007 7:14 PM

An email circulating in the media about supposed anomalies in the program PINOY BIG BROTHER SEASON 2 has reached us. We would like to clarify certain malicious points that were raised in said anonymous letter. We are hoping that this letter will clear the clouds surrounding the recent events in the program.
01.The letter was supposedly written by an MA Masscom graduate, who was part of the news and current affairs division before supposedly doing “conceptualization of some reality shows particularly the current one, PBB”.We would like to put on record that no such staffer from the program exists. There is only one staffer of the program who comes from the news and current affairs division, and that staffer started with the program in Season 1, and not just this season, as the writer of the letter claimed.

02.PINOY BIG BROTHER is a franchise of the Endemol-owned BIG BROTHER and is not “conceptualized” locally as the letter implicated. Even the tasks done inside the house are based on a production bible.

03.The letter-writer also mentioned the positions “conceptualizer” and “talent auditors”. This is the first time that we hear of such positions in our company.The creative group includes the following positions: creative manager, headwriter, writer, brainstormer and researcher. In the case of PINOY BIG BROTHER, the creative group is composed of the chief story editor, senior story editor, story editors and researchers.There is also no such thing as a “talent auditor” in ABS-CBN.

04.The letter-writer claimed to have been part of the screening process and has even noted some of the criteria that we supposedly take into consideration.The fact of the matter is that there is only a core group in charge of the screening process, and this includes ABS CBN Management, business unit head, executive producers, chief story editor and the senior story editor.No “conceptualizer” is part of the screening process.

05.The letter-writer also claimed that during the season, the group had to choose the Top 100 of the batch.The fact is that no Top 100 exists.After the extensive screening process, the core group sat down through a string of meetings to come up with the Top 30 of the batch.

06.The letter also called our business unit head, Director Lauren Dyogi as “direk dyogi”. As a matter of fact, no one in the staff calls him by that monicker.He is officially known and called LMD or Direk Lauren.Thus, it is quite obvious that the letter-writer is not part of the staff of the current PINOY BIG BROTHER season.

07.The letter also claimed the following: “the path of the contest is already drawn, and the voting only affects the decision minimally… this only tells us who the public wants to see again inside the house.” This is not true. Even the staff does not know who will be evicted until the office of ABS CBN Interactive reveals the final tally after the closing of votes. There is no way that these results can be rigged and every vote is on record with the office of ABS CBN Interactive.The final voting process, which started after the eviction of housemate Robert, is closely monitored by a third party, namely SGV and Co, to validate the votes.

08.The letter claimed that during the eviction of housemate Nel, “Nel got the 2nd lowest number of votes, wendy got the lowest. But the administrators think that perhaps the wendy-bruce loveteam is still up, so we had to give it one last shot. If the ratings go down, or if on Tuesday (the next eviction night), wendy still gets the lowest vote, she’s out of the contest.”The statement is maliciously fabricated.The episode of the program shown last night, where the percentage of votes and the actual number of votes garnered by Nel and Bruce, clearly showed that it was not Wendy who got the second lowest vote but Bruce, and the trend did not change until Bruce’s eviction on Tuesday.

Hopefully, this would answer the points raised by the malicious letter-writer who can not even divulge his/her name, gender and current position in ABS CBN.The entire letter is a poor attempt to discredit PINOY BIG BROTHER because all the accusations are fabricated, along with the identity of the letter-writer.The name and franchise PINOY BIG BROTHER stands by the integrity of the public vote and will not in any way, discredit the voting public from whose sentiment the program really relies on.

And we do not think that any staffer would wish and campaign for the ratings to go down, because every staffer would want to enjoy credible ratings to ensure the stability of the network to which he belongs.

The letter-writer asked and we quote “where is the morality in that, abs-cbn?”Definitely not in the malicious letter that was written.


SOURCE: Siopao Master, Captain's Log, Damsel Not in Distress


  1. Si Wendita ang Pinay kaladkarin squatter version ni Paris Hilton. hindi nga sya kasing-yaman ni Paris, pero they have something in common. they'll do anything and everything, even hurting other people verbally, just to hoard the spotlight. dalawang bagay na lang ang kulang: 1) may lumabas na sex video with her and whoever na naka-one night stand nya. 2) makulong sya for whatever reason. OUST WENDITA!

  2. Yeah, but Paris is way too different from Wendy. User si Paris in a way to gain publicity... Paris is the "queen of links"... Anyway, since nabasa ko na ito, talagang may mga tao talagang user and ganon na talga sila. Sad nga lang kase feeling ko, sinira na niya lalo yung sarili niya eversince pumasok siya sa BB huouse. Siguro to change her life for good na nga din, para to gain money nga diba... kase para hindi na nya gagawin yung past nya... everybody can change as long as they mean it, no matter what situation pa yung mangyari. On and Off Cam


    VOTE WISELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. buhay pa si wendy! imposible na yan wala nang bumoboto sa kanya!

  5. ganito lang yan mga ulul, si Nel, bruce at wendy talaga yung maaalis. Pinapatagal lang si Wendy sa loob para lumakas pa lalo ratings ng PBB.

  6. Si wendy na matatanggal sa susunod. Pinatagal lang sya sa loob para tumaas pa ratings kahit papaano. Kita nyo, pinaguusapan sila ng tao. Sikat sila. Mataas ratings. Panalo ABS-CBN. Talo mga nagtext. Sarap magpaloko sa kanila.

  7. mga utol, mga kakusa, di nyo ba alam? Ganyan na talaga ang ABS-CBN. Kapamilya, kasi, lait laitin ka, uutuin ka, samantalahin ka, gagamitin ka,gagaguhin ka, pano kapamilya ka, eh! Sinu pa ba naman ang maglolokuhan kung di tayong magkapamilya. Tingnan mo mga talent nila, tinatapon ng walang patumangga, loyalty? Ano ba yan? di alam ng kapamilya yan, tingnan mo si roderick paulate, the very talented actor, comedian, singer,dancer, itinapon! Si Arnel Ignacio, super talented,binuyong lumipat mula 7, tapos binasura!!!Saan na si Aga?, ,, Dennis Padilla,etc., pinalitan ang mga shows ng corning mga bagets, nakakasuka naman ang mga pinagagawa sa sitcom. Puro pangbata ang shows, forgetting the matitinong mature audience, kundi iisang john en shirley. Si Wendy, malakas yan, sa kung anung fu__ing" dahilan. kaya lunukin nyo, na. Pero ang mas maganda, lipat channel agad ibasura ang pbb at kung anu-anong! kacornihan ng 2

  8. ginagago lang kayo ng abscbn!

  9. sa pananatili ni wendy sa bahay ni kuya, maniniwala ba tayo na ganitong klaseng tao ang sinusuportahan ng sambayanang pilipino??? ang tatanga pala natin...
    anong values ang gusto ituro sa atin ng istasyong ito? mag reyna reynahan? magmanipula ng mga tao? yung mga gawi na tumingin pailalim, laging nakataas ang paa, mag yosi kadiri, umiyak habang pinipilit pa ring maging maganda? tumawa habang umiiyak ng parang namatayan? pakilista nga lang , please, kung anong magandang katangian ang ipinakita ni wendy habang nasa bahay sya.
    saka i have always believed and patronized abs cbn pero not this time.

  10. a stupid network with a stupid show and voted by stupid voters deserves a stupid winner! that's simply wendy...

    I would like to know "Big Brother", Have you had sex with Wendy MALANDI just to make her stay at ur Ugly House?!!

    Makarma sana kayo..IF YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS even before it happens to you....

  12. pustahan tayo si wendy mananalo!

  13. botohan na mamayang gabi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i've been an avid viewer of PBB since season 1. i have never questioned the votes because all winners are absolutely deserving. but having WENDYmonyo as part of the big 4 is indeed a ****ing shit! channel 2 has just fooled the entire nation. i swear I WILL NEVER EVER WATCH ANY PBB EDITIONS!!!

  15. WTF! Wendy Valdez, Big 4 ng PBB!!! Iba na talaga ito… di na ito maka tarungan, kailangan mag EDSA 4 tayo…

  16. this could only mean, #1 people who voted for Wendy are idiots; #2 pinoys really love underdogs; #3 the contents of the email above is 101% true.

  17. This site contains pictures of Wendy. Do you think she deserves to win? Think again... Your scandalous Ate Wendy on the loose!!!

  18. lecheng botohan sa pbb. talaga bang lahat ng uri ng botohan- LOKOHAN! sinong uululin nyo? si wendy pasok sa big 4? hindi ganun katanga ang audience nyo! PBB mag fold-up na kayo! Big Brother lokohin mo lelong mo!

  19. si WENDY siguradong may career na pagtapos ng PBB. pwedeng pwede na syang pumalit na kontrabida kay bella flores! kaya lang si bella flores mabait sa tunay na buhay si wendy kasuklam-suklam naman sa totoong buhay! Wendy gawa kayo ng XXX video ni Bruce sigurado bebenta yun! tutal pareho kayong mukhang pera! Hoy BIG BRO yan ba mga gusto mong TUMIRA sa bahay mo?

  20. PBB is making a lot of fools out of its viewers. The progam is an elaborate set-up that is primarily ratings driven. Walang konsiensya at walang puso ang programa nyo. How ironic- sabi ni Kuya ipakita kung ano ang totoo sa mga housemates. Yun pala sila mismo ang nagmamanipula kung sino ang gusto nilang papanaluhin. TAKE PBB OFF THE AIR! Lokohin nyo sarili nyo. PBB is a BIG HOAX! PBB means Pure Bullshit Bro!

  21. PBB you are loser.. next time na magkaron ng season 3 im sure la na kayo respected audience.... im sure kahit magdepensa kayo regarding about how you operate the text votes and clarifications about this issue.. im sure my nakapagbayad ng malaki under the table or maari there is something to hide just to protect that hypocrite... besides how can we trust even you prove eh i know ABS puro palakasan dyan not only that.. pwede pa rin manipulahin ang votes kc ala naman registration unlike other programs.. this only proves na pbb is not a reality tv show... its scripted wonder

  22. the more you hated wendy, the more people will vote her, why? coz people want you guys to be mad.and there's some people there will vote wendy not coz they like her its bcoz yan ang isang ugaling ng pinoy mang, stop saying bad word or disgusting word to any of the pbb.kung slut man siya, let her be, thats her life.baka manalo pa si wendy baka masira ang pag iisip ninyo.isa pa kung wala ba si wendy at bruce sa pbb sino sa akala ninyo ang pag uusapan.baka walang manood ng pbb at hendi kikita ang show.common sinse mga malilinis na tao.

  23. bullshit..tama na abs. da hell r u goin to admit it? of course u wont! kitang namn ang kamalditahan niang c wendy eh and its so obvious na andaming taong ayw s knia pero sobrang nkakapagtaka at njan pa yan sa loob, at tlgang gnwa nio png bg4 eh no? gwin nio na rin kyang big winner. napkagndang huwaran ng mga pinoy. Isang kaladkaring babae n skskan ng sama ng ugali, plastik at mangagamit! mukhang pera.. kadiri sya!


  25. whaaat?! si wendy nka 3rd place pa! wahahah... nakakatawa... for sure, madame n naman siyang kaartehan sa buhay na ipapakita sa mga tao ngayong nkalabas na sila ng bahay... go wendy! itayo mo ang bandera ng mga magagaspang ang ugali at mga mukhang pera!!!

  26. stop watching BULL SHIT reality TV... you could read books... reality TV makes our head numb like the moon and more stupid by the seconds. we get dumber THEY get richer... BULL-FUCKING-CRAP!!!!


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