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Most Memorable Cheat Codes

Before the dawn of the Game Genie, gamers have used cheat codes to get through an otherwise difficult game. Back in my days it was considered an achievement to know a videogame cheat code.

I remembered a guy by the name of Soso who would be invited by gamers just that he can show off his “skills” in Mario. He can both do the 100 lives and the level skip :) and he’s end up eating all my snacks while we watch drooling as he escapes Koopa (Nobody in turf knew he was Bowser everybody called him Koopa swear :) and finally gets the real princess.

Presenting the most memorable cheat codes in no order whatsoever :)

#10: Can’t think of any. Go away.

#9: Dragon Ball Z 3

UP, X, DOWN, B, L, Y, R, A. Do this if you want to play as Trunks :)

#8: Sonic the Hedgehog 2(GEN)

I remembered that there was a cheat code to make Sonic into his golden Super Sonic persona. Tough luck I was never a Sega fan. Go Google the code :)

#7: Mega Man/ Rock Man (NES/SNES)

In the original Megaman you could use the elec beam and pause the game to cheat kill any boss including that Cyclops thingy which seemed to be harder than Dr. Willy himself :)

In the Rockman X games it wasn’t an actual cheat but more of a secret process in getting “Ryu” haduken, shoryuken. I haven’ tried the shoryuken out buy the haduken was only available at a full life bar. Did I mention it was a 1-hit kill :) wink wink.

#6: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was pulled off US shelves in the summer of 2005 due to a “Hot Coffee Mod.”. The downloadable patch allowed players to enter girlfriends’ homes and engage in a sex mini-game. :) Kindly remind me to buy an old copy of GTA: SA.

#5: Tomb Raider (PC)

The “nude” code. This code was special since this was the first time I actually surfed the internet (with a naughty intent of course :) Sad to say that this was a hoax but a good hoax any (testosterone filled) young man would want :) let’s just say Lara was the closes thing to a girl a geek could have back then. Nowadays we have Dead or Alive :) no nude codes necessary.

#4: Super Mario Bros (NES)

The infamous hundred lives which can be done by only a handful of people including Lalaine (Jepoy’s better half) using a cellphone no less :) Also the level skip trick. One of the most classic cheat codes :)

#4: Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness/Starcraft (PC)

Designing their own brand of cheat codes what made the Blizzard cheat codes unique was the humor and sense behind the codes. Don’t believe me? Just read the following

“Glittering Prizes” Gives ample resources of gold, wood, and oil for ships.

“Make It So” Speeds up building construction time.

“Unite the Clans” Gives you instant victory.

“UCLA” Displays a message from Blizzard about their favorite sports team (“Go Bruins”).

“Power Overwhelming” God mode

“Operation CWAL” Increases building/upgrade speed (CWAL = can't wait any longer)

“The Gathering” Infinite energy

“Noglues” Computer can't use energy

“Game Over Man” Instant loss

“Staying Alive” Lets you continue playing after you have finished the mission

“Show Me the Money” Gives you 10,000 minerals and gas

“There is no Cow Level” Completes the mission you are on

“Whats Mine is Mine” Gives you 500 minerals

“Breathe Deep” Gives you 500 vespene gas

“Something for Nothing” Everything available is upgraded

“Black Sheep Wall” Reveals entire map

“Medieval Man” Gives free upgrades to units

“Modify the Phase Variance” Ability to build anything

“War Aint What it Used to be” Disables fog of war

“Food for Thought “ Allows you to build more units than supply

“Ophelia” Warp to any mission (type in, press enter, then mission number)

#2: Doom II (PC)

The originator of the “God” mode :) Anybody who played this game had a last of a time making aliens eat chainsaw for breakfast :)

#1: Contra (NES)

The “Konami” code! Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, (Select) Start. (tug tug) (tududut tududut) (tunununun) :) 30 lives baby.

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