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Whatever happened to Parasite Eve?

Does anybody still remember Aya Brea?

In the year 1998 Square (now called Square Enix) launched one of its better survival horror games called Parasite Eve. This was a big experiment on their part since they were drifting away from the Resident Evil gameplay and going with an RPG.

The gameplay, irresistable characters, wonderful soundtrack, and one of the most challenging extra game (in game secret) ever ensured its place in our hearts.

This was followed by Parasite Eve 2 which was released on 2000. The sequel eventually cloned Resident Evil's gameplay but added a few innovations.
The climax of Parasite Eve 2 being the shower scene of Aya ;)

That was the last we heard from the series.

Being curious as to what happened to such a good game I googled news about Parasite Eve. I found out that Square Enix would be releasing a Parasite Eve game in mobile format. I wasn't been able to confirm that since I can't find any more articles confirming its release. Also they have also launched a new game for the PSP called Parasite Eve: 3rd birthday!

The plot according to sources depicts an Aya Brea whom hasn't aged a year since Parasite Eve 2 and a new enemy called Twisted.

In summing up I for one feel disappointed that the game was not released in the PS3 format wherein it could enjoy the full capacity of Blu-ray but what the heck I'm still gonna get myself a copy.

Enjoy Aya's wedding dress picture *drool*

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