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Faces of Elections: An Ode To Bayani #juanvote

What is in a name? We can be named Pedro, Juan or Ricardo but we have no choice in choosing our own name. His parents could have named him Jograd or Jobert but he was so aptly named Bayani. He was not only named Bayani but he also embodied it.

Like a true hero, Bayani Fernando made sacrifices to attain his goals. His ultimate sacrifice was his popularity. During his heyday as the MMDA chief, he made heads turned. He kicked ass but everybody hated him. I know he had some crazy ideas but at least he did something significant totally in contrast with other people in the government. We can go on and on about the things he did but he did it for us to have a better society.

In an election filled with promises of change, why couldn’t we vote for someone who has always embodied change. Heck, he is one helluva change agent. He can transform a backwater municipality into a freaking city for Pete’s sake!

I know we all have a desire for a change. If Bayani is put in office we can all hope to see the Philippines transform from a tumultuous problematic country into a beautiful and progressive nation.

Note: The author of this post does not have any connections with Bayani Fernando (aside from their favorite color scheme)

This article is part of the #juanvote collaboration project.

(Cross-posted at Medyo Gwapo)


  1. Senator Chiz Escudero: Ang Bise Presidente ko may "B", ang Bise Presidente mo ba meron din?
    Me: Meron --BAYANI.

  2. i love Bayani but won't vote for him. Bu still I love him and support him in his plans for our country! Kudos bayani!

  3. I like Bayani... sana sya manalo VP! I'm sure kapag sila ni Gordon nanalo eh magkakaroon ng malaking improvement ang bansa natin.


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