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Nihonsei: Angel Beats!

Hisashiburi minna-san! It's NIHONSEI once again!

Spring in Japan is about to end, as well as some Spring animes that aired their final episodes. One of the early criticized anime from the beginning was 'Angel Beats!'. But in the end, it proved them all wrong.

Why was this anime placed on the hot seat? How did this anime proved to all they were wrong? Find out after the jump

Angel Beats! is an anime about life after death. Otonashi, who died recently, can't remember a thing that happened in his past life. He woke up on a school like setting where every one who died became students. He met a girl named Yuri who is trying to kill the student council president named Tenshi. Yuri urged Otonashi to join her group SSS or Shinda Sekai Sensen to rebel against God.

Angel Beats! was first put under fire when the main protagonist girl was introduced. Yuri, a high spirited girl uncanny looks like Haruhi Suzumiya, yes, THE Haruhi Suzumiya. Many thought that this anime will be just a rip-off of some sort and be sent to the trash. Luckily, the "antagonist" (what's with the quotes? I won't spoil you!) Tenshi a.k.a. Kanade captured the hearts of the viewers with her monotonous personality like that from Rei Ayanami and Yuki Nagato (otakus really dig this).

Now, it wasn't Kanade alone that made this anime a hit. The girl group in the anime GirlDeMo (Girls Dead Monster) covered the beautiful music and they earned a place in the Oricon charts.

The series just ended this week with a beautiful climax. It may not be like that from the Code Geass ending, but the impact was still there. I suggest you pick up this anime series and watch all the 13 episodes.

Ja matta ne!
Nihonsei: Angel Beats! Reviewed by Siopao Master on 6/27/2010 10:56:00 AM Rating: 5

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