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ABS-CBN Interactive Opens Shaiya Online CBT Registration

A war for dominance of a mystical world is about to take place. On your left is The Goddess of Light, an angelic woman with blonde hair, dressed in a weightless white gown. On your right is The Goddess of Darkness, a raven haired-seductress in a skimpy garment and a gray sash. Both possess ethereal beauty. The first one blossoms with kindness, while the other prefers to be playful and naughty. Who will you fight for?

The goddesses await your choice in the newest Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in the country, Shaiya Online. Developed by Sonov Entertainment in Korea, the full 3D game will be released in the Philippines by Amped, the online game publisher of ABS-CBN Interactive.

Shaiya is one of the most recognizable games in the international online gaming scene. While on its 2007 Open Beta Testing phase in China, it was able to stay ahead of the cult hit World of WarCraft (WoW). It also beat WoW in 2008 when it was released in Taiwan. The game also enjoys massive followings in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, some parts in Europe, and the US.

The two goddesses in Shaiya represent the opposing factions in the game: The Alliance of Light and The Union of Fury. Under these groups are 12 playable characters, each possessing distinct traits and awesome abilities.

Unlike in most MMORPGs, Shaiya players can select the difficulty setting of the game, beginning with Easy and Normal Modes. Upon progressing, Hard and Ultimate Modes can be unlocked, which offers bigger rewards such as more experience and skill points, stronger weapons and items.

But the crowning feature of Shaiya lies on its Player versus Player (PvP) system, one of the best among the popular MMORPGs in the market today. Players are encouraged to form parties or start their own guilds because this is where the game gets really competitive and exciting.

In a PvP game, teams will compete in a “tug of war” battle for sacred relics. These relics will then provide bonuses to all team members in the form of the Goddess Blessing. The more relics a team conquers, the more bonuses they get for their characters.

In addition, as much as 3000 players can participate in a single PvP event. Its refined graphics and engaging gameplay are assured to run smoothly even in a low end computer. Its basic system requirements consists of 256Mb RAM, 64 Mb Video Card and Pentium III.

Closed Beta Testing for Shaiya is scheduled for October 2010, followed by the Open Beta Testing on November 2010. Visit to register for the CBT.

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