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Mia Lopez Bringing TV to GameOPS

Since we're still clueless on how we bagged the "Best Tech Blog" award at the Philippine Blog Awards and today's a leap year, we might as well introduce the newest addition to the growing GameOPS family. She, together with another GameOPS Gurl Gamer, will be the face of GameOPS TV that will be launched in the coming weeks.

Aside from being a hardcore gamer, our newest member is an amateur model and works as a co-host on GMA-7's Walang Tulugan. Meet GameOPS' newest member and our Featured Gamer, Mia Lopez!

Could you tell us something about yourself? How old are you? Where are you located and what are you currently engaged in?

I'm Mia Lopez, an amateur model and I work as a co-host in a local late night show in GMA called Walang Tulugan with The Master Showman. I'm 18 years old, turning 19 this August and I currently reside somewhere in Paranaque. Right now, I'm into PC games specifically Nancy Drew games by Big Fish Games and Skyrim.

When was the first time you actually played a video game? What's the name of the game and game system? What or who made you play?

My first time playing a video game was probably when I was still really small. I think the first game I`ve ever played was Super Mario on a SNES. I was visiting a relative and they had a SNES and they invited me to play. Since then, I`ve been hooked to playing games. I wouldn`t really call myself a diehard gamer, but I love killing time once in a while by sitting around with a controller in my hands and diving into a totally different world.

Do you own a video game console? If yes, what system? Was it your very fist console? What video game platform do you prefer? (PC, Consoles or Handheld)

My very first gaming console was probably a Gameboy Advanced SP. [I still have it somewhere lying around, actually.] My gaming consoles right now: Wii, PS3, PS2, Gameboy Advanced SP, PSP Go and a PSP. I play my PC games on my laptop and I`ve got a Dell Streak 7 so I have something to do while I`m at taping.

What is your favorite video game? Why?

The best video game I`ve played was Kingdom Hearts 2. I can explain! My best friend and I got really close because of that game. We used to ship characters and make fandoms. She drew, I made stories and doing that made us really close. If I`ve never played that game, I don`t think we would have been CLOSE close.

How about a particular video game character, who's your favorite? Why?

That`s a pretty difficult question since I don`t easily fall in love with video game characters anymore, but I would have to say I still like Franziska von Karma from the Ace Attorney games. I just love how she`s this powerful woman who will get her verdict and does it mercilessly. Is it just me or does she just exude dominance?

Do you play online games? What are your current and all-time favorites? Are you part of a clan or guild? If yes, can you give us some info about your guild?

I roleplay from time to time in random roleplaying sites, and no, not those kinky roleplays. I love making up characters in my head and bringing that to life on an online platform where other players get to roleplay as well. I have this one that`s a really powerful vampire who is very stubborn and hates human contact. He meets this girl (who is another player) and their story just builds up from there, her constantly trying to talk to and bug him, whilst he pushes her away, all the while playing with dark magic. As for guilds and such, I don`t really get the chance to play games such as World of Warcraft or DOTA, which I`ve been wanting to play for some time now.

If you were to convince a friend or co-worker to play video games, how would you do it? Would you do crazy stuff just to convince him or her?

Constantly raving about the video game with friends or co-workers are probably my means of convincing someone to start playing. I start telling a narrative about the plot, making sure that the details are described well enough so that they can picture it in their heads and when something good is about to happen, I just stop and tell them to play to find out what happens.

Did playing video games make any difference in your life?

It`s made a big difference.

I got close to a lot of people because of playing video games. It connected my siblings and I on a better level. I earned a best friend for life through it. I learned that friendship is really important and that you should constantly stand up to what you believe in; to never give up when times get hard and to look at life itself as one whole video game where you can constantly grow as a character when your story develops and unfolds before your very eyes and to face these challenges head on to level up and get special prizes in the end.

Your Top 5 Favorite games?

5. Ace Attorney franchise.

4. Nancy Drew franchise - I love these two games because I just love detective games in general. Ace Attorney and Nancy Drew are really great games that really make you think. Also, nothing is more satisfying than solving a puzzle and getting one step closer to finding the culprit.

3. Viva Piñata - This is a light game that I prefer playing with someone else. I love the multiplayer mode in this game, because as the game progresses, it just gets more and more difficult to manage the garden that you have to care for and I love being able to plant and decorate the garden while someone else tends to the piñatas. I love multiplayer games in general and being able to work together with other people.

2. Kingdom Hearts 2 - As I`ve mentioned before, this game will always be in my top fives, just because it means so much to me. I am still thankful to have won a really great friend because of this game.

1. Resident Evil 5 - This is another game I love playing in multiplayer. I love being Sheva and having someone else be Chris. I am, apparently, pretty good at killing Uroboros, though I still tend to freak out a lot. Guess I still need to work on my stress resistance.

I know I`ve played more awesome games but that was so long ago, I can`t remember anymore. I want to play more Silent Hill games for the PS2, Persona [both 1 and 2] since I can`t find a decent CD that would work, Skyrim but I`ll need a better graphics card for the laptop, LA Niore, Ace Attorney...too many to list~

Do you have any personal video game related story that you can share with us?

My secret to playing scary video games? Every time something suddenly pops up, I get so scared, I forget how to move or defend that my character just dies every single time. This keeps happening until I don`t find the scene scary anymore and then I start trying to kill. Try it out! Don’t forget to stock up on med packs and use every.single.checkpoint. in the game.

Any last message you wish to impart to our readers?

Video games are love, video games are life. But in all seriousness, I guess some people who are reading this post are probably thinking that I know nothing about video games and that I am trying to pass off as a “gamer gurl x0x0”. And you are right; I admit that I don`t know a lot of games, I haven`t played a lot of them, my reflexes aren`t that good and some games just scare me to the core because I get the feeling that I won`t be able to finish the game since it looks too complex and difficult. I`m guessing that in order to be a real gamer, you have to finish a tonne of games, get a tonne of achievements and play on extreme mode effortlessly. I just want to break the “noob” or “gamer gurl” stigma. What`s so bad about a girl loving video games and her raving about her favourites, even though her favourites aren`t what you consider a proper video game? I believe that people need to stop judging others and their capabilities when it comes to gaming. Be kind to others; be kind to us “noobs” and “gamer gurls” out there.

Any greetings and link-love to your friends?

I want to give a shout out to Denise Enriquez! I hope you`re doing well in Canada! Skyrim patch will finish downloading soon, so I`ll be playing the game in a few more days. Hi Nickle Manuel! You need to play more games! All we have to relate to so far is Sim Social and Tomb Raider!


While we all wait for the launch of GameOPS TV, please like Mia Lopez's Official Facebook Fan Page.

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