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Fanboy Fight Fest: Link VS Kratos II (Due to insistent public demand!)

It was a noon. Kratos was sitting on his throne of skulls inside a cave. He was bored. He has already bested all kinds of gods and this summer a new game will come out wherein he will topple Norse gods. 

"Hah! Norse gods" 

Odin doesn’t stand a chance with his new weapon.

I have avenged my family. I have already imprinted my boot in Zeus face. Gaea is now dirt. I have nothing to do.

He looks faraway. He remembers a person. A person who CHEATED and won against him.

Remembering made him remember the pain of defeat. That fool.

“You will pay for this Link, Be certain of that!”

Kratos hears a whistle. “You called princess!” Could be heard echoing throughout the cave.

“You dare to stand against me again Link!” “Show yourself!”

The fight started in a flash. A sword came from nowhere followed by a dashing wolf. The wolf had a smirk on its face.

“New tricks I see” “You think I have not prepared for this day!”

The wolf lunges. It was fast. Kratos brings out his bread and butter, the blades of chaos.

Link transforms back to his human form. Still smiling.

“Uh, just between us. I heard you slept with a dude for what 2,000 blood orbs?” Link said

“I shall send you to the depths of Hades!” Kratos retorts. “That was supposed to be a secret between me and Athena!”

“Still always angry Kratos?”

“Prepare for your death!”

Kratos does something weird. He begins doing zig zags (take note Rickon) suddenly jumps into the air and throws a trident that came out of nowhere. Link dodges easily but was unprepared by the next action.

Kratos takes the opportunity to throw his blades of chaos. The aim was off it won’t hit Link.

Link was about to gloat again when he heard glass breaking. It was too late when he realized what Kratos was aiming for.
“Hope is for the weak” “No more fairies Link”

“No” Link lost his smile. Kratos wasn’t messing around.

“Do you watch Game of Thrones Link?”

Kratos smiled. Link made a great addition to his skull throne. 

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