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Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Review

Thirty two years ago, a supernatural comedy film swept the world with perfectly executed comedy and visually compelling special effects. That movie was Ghostbusters. This year, a spiritual successor was released that targets the new generation. Is the reboot a good one or not?

Hollywood today is more about reboots. I get it, they wanted to target the new generation and wanted them to experience how awesome the previous generation was. Some loves the idea, and some loyal fans don't. Ghostbusters suffered the same scrutiny at first. When the new cast of the film was introduced, a lot of hatred flooded the world wide web. Some say that move to genderswap (gender of the characters from the previous version was now given to the opposite gender) was an insult to the franchise. Because of this, a lot of fans before had reservations in watching the new one. But guys, I will tell you, the reboot was awesome.

Okay, let's tackle first the elephant in the room, An all female Ghostbusters was a bold move. But I tell, it paid off. It gave a fresh new perspective to the franchise and still reserved the image of the old version of the team.  Also, all of the gadgets from the previous version were dramatically changed on this reboot. from the PKE meter, Proton pack to the Ecto-1 itself. I admit, it made me cringe a little bit but eventually I accepted the change as the movie progresses.

The story seems all too familiar, as it patterns itself from the original film. But hey, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens had done it, sort of, so why can't this one? What lack from original story, made up in comedic relief. The one liners were executed perfectly, no joke were forcibly added to add comedy to scene. The acting of the cast were noteworthy because you can feel the emotion on that particular scene you were watching.

But what really became the deal breaker of this movie was the nostalgia.  If you were a fan back then, you will really enjoy this reboot. Cameos from previous cast members and reference from the previous one were a plenty, it was good.

The target audience of the movie may had been the next generation, but the older fans, like me, will still love this fresh take on the franchise.

[post_ad]I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars, it may not be perfect, but it was money well spent. By the way, you may want to stay until the end as there's a post credit scene with easter eggs.



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