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Make Your Own Story-Based Games!

Do you like games where you choose your own adventure? Have you ever wondered how to make them?

They’re not exactly easy to make, but they’re not that hard either. With a little bit of book-learnin’ you, too, can make your own 5-hour long visual novel.

In this article, I list some tools that will help you make your own story/text-based games.


Ren'Py is a visual novel engine. It has a simple scripting method for putting together images, sounds, and text. You can also go in depth with some Python.

Ren’Py isn’t that hard to learn. You can make and publish a game within 30 minutes, depending on how complicated it is. I once made a short One Direction dating simulation game for my 13-year old cousin.

You can customize the look and feel of your game and even publish it for iOS and/or Android! The only downside to Ren’Py is its documentation. While you can easily find tutorials on how to make your own game, it’s mostly dated. You’d have to sift through the forums to find anything substantial.
With patience and effort, however, you can produce a good game.


Twine is a ridiculously easy way of making hypertext stories. Twine is perfect for those “choose-your-own-story” type of games. Making your own game with Twine is as simple as writing a story. You write a single part then link it to another. Making choices for your players to choose from is easy as well.

What’s great about Twine is that the resulting game or story is just a simple webpage. You can style it however you want after you finish making it.
It’s not limited to text either. Twine also allows you to embed images!

These are just two methods of creating your own basic game. There are definitely more ways out there, but I decided to feature these two because they’re easy to use, and best of all, FREE!

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