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Maria Ozawa is Our First GameOPS P.O.I. (Part 2)

Last time, we finally had closure. The decade-old mystery if Maria Ozawa played Guild Wars  has finally been answered.  YES! SHE PLAYED IT 9 YEARS AGO. We've also learned from her that she likes to play Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Dragon Quest VIII, and Kingdom Hearts.

She felt bad when she lost her pink Nintendo DS which was stolen last year at Dutdutan 2015. This has lead her to stopping from playing videogames for a while since she has so many memories and save files in her old Nintendo DS. She plans to buy the New Nintendo 3DS as soon as she returns to Japan.

But don't take my word for it, click the link below to read the first part of her interview.

[ Read the first part of our GameOPS P.O.I. feature on Maria here ]

Please enjoy reading the second part of our Maria Ozawa GameOPS P.O.I. feature as we ask more about her personal life.

1.) How did you end up making a movie in the Philippines?

I was guesting at Magic 89.9 and I was telling them how I was interested in making a film here in the Philippines. One of the directors or the staff heard me on live and they gave me the offer.

2.) You also are popular in Indonesia and also made a movie there, how is it different from making a movie in the Philippines?

It's totally different! Because in Indonesia, it was harder for me to film and walk around the city since the religion kind of hit me. It's so weird that I'm so famous there but the religion gets in between us, so sometimes I get threats from some groups...

3.) All of us watched “Nilalang” and we all loved it, do you have plans to make another movie in the Philippines?

Im hoping so but for now I want to concentrate on tv shows and pictorials.

4.) Are you planning to stay forever in the Philippines? (SAY YES!)

Hahhahaha!!! Of course I'm planning to stay here for GOOD! I just got my permanent Visa! Hehe. But in realistic wise, I need to make more projects here so I can really stay here for good. I just love the Philippines so much because the people are so welcoming, nice, and OMG! I love the food!!

5.) So what are your favorite Filipino dishes?

My favorite dish is mixed adobo, sisig, munggo beans, sinigang,garlic rice..etc! I could go on for ever! Haha

6.) Aside from playing video games, do you have other hobbies like reading or watching movies/TV series?

I love watching movies! Since I came to the Philippines, I think I went to the theatre at least once a month or every other month! And it's good for my Tagalog lessons also. I'm not into horrors but anything other then that i love it!

7.) Do you watch anime?

hmmmm not really. But I like One Piece

8.) We’re big fans of Ebisu Muscats and the song Banana Mango High School and we read somewhere that you were part of the original lineup, what happened? Why were you not part of the group?

I was with the Muscats group way way back when they first started. But I left the group in just a few months because those idol cutie pie wasn't my thing. I didn't feel comfortable singing in front of people also.

9.) What’s next for you? What are your plans?

My future plans are to succeed in the Philippines so I can stay here for good! Hoping for more projects!

10.) Any last message for all your fans in the Philippines?

Thank you for always supporting me no matter what! I love every one of you guys to the moon and back and hope to see you guys!! Mmmwah!


Maria Ozawa


Did you hear that guys? Maria has her permanent Philippine Visa and  plans to stay for good. Attention all directors, scouts, and advertisers! Give Maria good projects! If she leaves the country, there will be civil unrest and we will riot! loljk.

For a guy, getting this close to Maria and having the opportunity to ask her personal questions about her favorite food or if she will stay in our country for good is great. Often times I complain about my job but for once I love what I'm doing!

As I read Maria's answers, I fell in love with her once more. I remembered how much I had a crush on her when I first saw her photos. I had so many questions in my mind back then and with this interview she has finally revealed the side she often hides from the public. The side which is free from judgmental people. Maria Ozawa shows us how lovely she is inside out and that personality can transcend career.

I love you We love you too, Maria! xoxo

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