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Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge Hack: Dual SIM with SD Card Support

The Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge is the best smartphone to have as of now. It's features are amazing and in some, regions there is a dual sim feature. This is where it gets tricky, one can only use either an extra sim card or an SD card. It's kind of a weird quirk for an awesome phone to have but the website noreplied has a solution for us.

Noreplied's guide is a bit more detailed but like a common trait in my generation, I lack the attention span to read it and this guide is more concise.

WARNING: This procedure can damage your SIM, your SD Card or even your smartphone. Do this only if you really really need a 2nd SIM and you have no qualms about sacrificing either a SIM card or SD card.

  1. S7/S7 Edge 
  2. Sharp Scissors 
  3. Pliers/Tweezers 
  4. Mighty Bond/Super Glue/Quick Dry Glue 
  5. Lighter/Burner/Candle 
  6. Sim Card 
  7. Guts and a lot of concentration 

1.) Prepare everything first. A messy workplace means a messy finished product.

2.) Remove the Sim/SD Tray. Align your donor sim card to the 2nd sim slot. Then put your sd card and align it with the donor sim.

Take note of the notch as encircled because it will indicate the proper position of the sim in relation to the location of the sd card.
Explanation: We are doing the alignment because after you have melted the sim holder/plastic enclosure you cannot tell what is the right way to align the sim.

3. Melt the sim holder/plastic enclosure. Begin on the sides by lightly moving it towards a small flame. The plastic will peel off.


Use tweezers/pliers! Just a few dabs toward the flame will make the plastic melt try bending the plastic until the metal part of the sim protrudes. Pass it through the flame quickly and the you will be able to peel the metal part off. Avoid hitting the middle part of the sim as it is where the important parts of the sim are.

4.) After peeling of the metal part of the Sim card, place the SD card on the sim tray and align the sim. You will notice that the edges go against the sides of the tray. Trim the sides of the sim by a few millimeters until it perfectly aligns.

5.) Stick the Sim Card to the SD card. Make sure that it aligns perfectly. Lightly press against the Sim Card and the SD Card after gluing it. Wait until it cures.

6.) Place the Sd Card on the tray. Make sure it aligns and slowly put the tray back again on the phone. It will be a tight fit. Make sure the SD Card doesnt fall off.

7.) If everything goes through, you can now use both the 2nd Sim slot and your SD Card. When I inserted the sim tray i did not turn off the phone and the phone automatically detected the 2nd sim card.

You can now rename your 2nd sim as you please and setting preferences for calls, SMS and mobile data. Go to settings\SIM card manager to edit your desired SIM settings.

Enjoy your S7/ S7 edge with dual SIM and extra storage space!

Personal Notes/Suggestions
  • Just add a few drops of Mighty Bond. If the gluing process goes wrong, mighty bond gets brittle and just lighty force the SIM out. Sand the part where there is dried glue. 
  • I sanded the SD card lightly so that it will facilitate better bonding. 
  • I also sanded the SIM card after I trimmed it. Sand it with caution. 
  • Be careful on damaging the middle part of the sim. 
  • The first time I placed the SIM tray back, it only detected the SIM card then I reinserted the tray again it worked.

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