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Titan Quest for Mobile. Yeah It's Boring.

Titan Quest came out in 2006 with grand labels such as the spiritual successor of Diablo II. It failed to gain steam then, will it do better now that it has been imported to Android? Let's find out.

THQ / Titan Quest
Gameplay: 3/5

It plays like Diablo II. The problem is if the idea of scouring the world looking for treasure and clicking your way through repetitive waves of enemies doesn't appeal to you, then turn back now, since that's mostly what Titan Quest will give you. I'm already halfway through the game and there are times I just get bored and run away from enemies. I just stop for those Majestic chests that have a high chance of netting you an epic item.

The inventory is a mess. Everybody loves getting loot but this is crazy. Imaging a battlefield literally filled with loot. I have been playing for weeks already.  Half of the time i'm actually playing the game and another half I spend picking up items and fixing inventory. A wonderful glitch though is that you can abuse the treasures. I repeatedly go to areas with lots of loot and chests and just pick the green and blue colored items.  

[post_ad]Another problem is the frequent crash that happens. I'm not sure if it's just me but I can't go on playing daily without one or two crashes.

Lastly, It was confusing. When I played Diablo, there was a very clear line of progression. With Titan Quest you kinda stumble along the the different quest and you can even move along significantly along the game without accomplishing a majority of it. In Diablo, quests were inter connected and it's clear what you need to do and the game makes you feel that. In this game it's like roam around kill people, roam around kill more people then roam around some more..

Graphics: 5/5

It's a PC import. It's open world and you can even pinch zoom the screen. The attention to detail like changing armor and weapons is top notch. I zoomed the screen and was amazed that even miniscule details like moving grass was excellently done.

Sound: 5/5

Same as above. It's a PC import and be prepared to hear that every monster has a unique groan. Also, what I like about the sounds best is that it has live voice ovr. I'm a sucker for that, so there perfect.

Conclusion 4/5

Sad to say but..I have seen everything that Titan Quest has to offer.If I played Titan Quest before Diablo II then it might have been a different story. Still, quality RPG's are sorely lacking in the mobile category department and I will give my thumbs up for the game simply because we don't have a new Baldur's Gate game yet.

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