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The Pokedex IV Bug in Pokemon Go

With the recent release of the Pokemon Go Appraisal System, there was a bug found inside the game of Pokemon Go. The Pokedex IV (individual values) bug also known as the Pokedex Scaling bug was plaguing the game for a month already.

This bug made all wild Pokemon (found in nests and Pokestops ) posses an IV for their Attacks tied to their Pokedex number.  Eevee will always have a 14-15 IV to their attack and Poliwag will always have an attack not higher than 9. What make this bug cringe-worthy is that all starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu will always have an attack of 0, yes ZERO.  I tested this bug on my Bulbasar and Charmander using the IV calculators that you can find online and all of them (except one Bulbasaur I got from an egg) have an attack of 0. The starter Pikachu I got have a 10/10/10 IVs as to all Pokemon you first received (go ahead check it yourselves) which proved that it was not affected by the bug.

One user from Reddit made a chart of all his Pokemon's IV and you can clearly see the effect of the bug

Due to this bug, you can only get a good IV starter Pokemon from an egg thus catching them in the wild will only be for candy purposes and will be tiresome in the long run. Let us all report this bug to Niantic by going to their support page.

You can read the complete explanation here

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