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Anime and Cosplay eXpo: Let’s GO!

Cosplay PH will be having a convention this coming September 2, 2016 until September 4, 2016. The event is called Anime and Cosplay Expo 2016 and as all of Cosplay PH's events, expect lots of fun and activities for the otaku inside of us.

Anime and Cosplay Expo 2016 is a unique event that brings together concepts launched during the Cosplay Carnival earlier in the year and sets the line-up of events at Cosplay Mania 2016 in October. In this way, it bridges the two events and creates a continuity between the events. At its core, however, it is a great stand-alone event on its own, with a surprisingly deep line-up of contests at a surprisingly low entrance fee of only Php 99 as long as you buy your tickets before September 2! The entrance fee will be raised to Php 129 on September 2-4, 2016.

The Departure from Formula

ACX is interesting as it is a departure from what seems to have become the formula for success at local anime conventions. Big-name foreign guests are substituted with more accessible local guests. In fact, at ACX, the spotlight shifts to the convention-goer where the stars become the contestants themselves as they compete for the chance to be the opening acts to big-name Anisong artists or to perform in Japan! The end-result is an event that celebrates local talent while preparing for a world-class convention without a huge price tag. It’s also an event that’s filled to the brim with activities, contests and games!

Trivia Throne Throwdown

Can you Hold the Throne with your vast trivia knowledge or will a challenger take it all from you? That’s the question that everyone will be asking as competitors test their mettle in this Trial by Trivia! Up to 20 competitors will face off on September 2, 3 and 4 to see if they have what it takes to not only take, but hold the throne against all who would try to usurp it from them. Will you win the day and be the one to rule them all? Take to the throne to find out!  

Cosplay Auctions and Storage Wars

Sometimes Cosplay can truly turn into Costplay. Fabricating costumes can be quite costly and when you’re done with them, they seem to take too much space. The Cosplay Auction and Storage Wars offers an elegant solution. Veteran cosplayers can turn their older costumes and props into much-needed funds while freeing up precious space while giving newcomers to the hobby the opportunity to purchase pre-loved costumes at a price they can afford. Cosplay Auctions and Storage Wars will fuel frantic bidding and exciting strategy as cosplayers try to find treasures in every batch. This activity will be on-going from September 2 to 4. From great deals to outright steals, here’s an opportunity to get some tremendous buys without paying full price.

Cosplay Academy

Whether you’re a beginner or a cosplayer with several events under your belt, learning new tricks and techniques is the key to success, and the workshops of Cosplay Academy bring you the information you need in a program that’s both entertaining and educational. There are 3 sessions to the Cosplay Academy: (1) Make-Up Transformations on September 4; (2) Coscraft Tips and Tricks on September 4; and (3) Beamsaber Training on September 5. Each session is absolutely free and will be performed on-stage. In addition, there will be interactions with the audience so that the training will be more hands-on and fun at the same time.

TORCH Manila Qualifiers

In its 7th year, Cosplay Tournament of Champions or TORCH has produced some of the most successful champions. TORCH Winners have gone to place almost every single year that they’ve participated in the Asian Regional Cosplay Championships (ARCC) at AFA in Singapore. Despite this success, the Philippines has only won once in 2011. This year, the stakes are even greater as Regional Representatives now champion teams from other areas, making it a truly regional competition. As such, the Manila Qualifiers is just as important or even more-so. In the past years, there have been two Manila champions, but this year there can be only one. Who will be the team to represent Manila? Do they have what it takes to go all the way? We’ll find out as they cross swords on September 4

Solo Cosplay Catwalk

While TORCH is a great competition for two-man teams, the Cosplay Mania Cup burst into the scene last year with incredible performances and costumes by solo cosplayers. What’s more, this year the cash prizes for the Cosplay Mania Cup has reached an astounding Php 100,000 and one way of securing these slots is to win the Overall Winner prize at ACX. There will also be other prizes to be given away such as Peak Performer and Crafty Craftsman. Plus, there are some fun prizes as well such as Treasured Trap, Heart-stopping Hair, Priceless Props and Fan Favorite. Who will come out on top? We’ll find out on September 3.

Cosplay Karaoke Encore

Ever dreamed of performing in Japan? Well, this could be your chance with Cosplay Karaoke Encore! Although Cosplay Karaoke started in Cosplay Carnival, ACX raises the stakes with Cosplay Karaoke Encore. On September 2 and 3, two elimination rounds of Cosplay Karaoke will take place with the Top 3 winners advancing to the Encore stage. During the Encore Stage on September 4, the Top 6 finalists will compete with their chosen song selections and the grand prize winner will not only go to Japan, but will be performing there during a music festival!  

Cosplay’s Got Talent

Whether you’re a band, dance group or solo artist, you have a chance to win it big in ACX’s Cosplay’s Got Talent. Here, every talent is put to the test to see which talent will reign supreme and be worthy of being the front act to some of the biggest talents from Japan. That’s right, the winners will be the opening act to none other than Cosplay Mania’s Anisong concert! This is an audition of a lifetime as the acts vie from top honors as they perform live at perform live at I < 3 Anisong Philippines! Cosplay’s Got Talent takes to the stage at ACX on September 4!

For more information about ACX, check out the Event Page at! If you’re interested in a sponsorship or an exhibit booth, e-mail

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