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K-Entertainment: Mr. House Husband

Mr. House Husband is a Korean weekly reality show about married Korean celebrities who has to show their parenting and housekeeping skills after which they vote for "Housekeeping King" of the week.

The regulars:

Left to right: Kim Il Jooong, Kim Jung Tae, Kim Seungwoo, Bong Tae-gyu, and Moon Seon-yoon

Mr. House Husband also has guests who stay for a few episodes. Those I've seen so far are Kim Publae, Ha Tae Kwon, and Eli Kim (of UKiss). Eli reminds me so much of Kang Ta, but a cuter version. ♥ They also get a female guest. Right now it's Son Tae-young--Former Miss Korea, now an actress and also wife of myKwon Sang Woo.

I discovered the show in YouTube's suggested videos. No idea why it would suggest a Korean housekeeping and parenting reality show when the only Korean I watch there is about beauty.

The first few episodes I saw had Eli in the show, which was from episode 9, and I didn't know who he was until then. I found out he's the first idol to get married at the age of 23. Not a big deal imo, but it is for many Koreans especially UKiss fans. Even his PDA is an issue for some. Anyway, he was adorbs and so is his baby, so I watched more until I got hooked. Mr. House Husband is entertaining, funny, and educational even.

Kim Seungwoo loves to eat free tastes in the supermarket, meat, and chips. Kim Il Joong is a regular on the sofa. Moon Seon-yoon is a kimchi and recycling master. Kim Jung Tae is good with knives and seafood dishes. Bong Tae-gyu advocates that husbands should always work together with their wives.

Watching this show had me wanting to cook, eat Korean food, and organize my place. The most interesting segment for me is Mr. Moon Seon-yoon's recycling. Their recyclables drop-off points seem the same as MRFs, but the latter isn't at par.

Mr. House Husband is still ongoing. I made a YouTube playlist, so you can binge-watch with me. :)

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