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Star Trek's Michelle Forbes Speaks on Ro Laren's Shocking Return in Picard Season 3

The latest season of Star Trek: Picard has caused quite a stir among fans with the return of beloved characters from the franchise's previous iterations. But perhaps none was as surprising as the return of Michelle Forbes as Ro Laren, a recurring character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Forbes's portrayal of Laren quickly became a fan favorite during her brief stint on the show, making her sudden reappearance in Picard Season 3 all the more exciting for fans.

In a recent Instagram post, Forbes shared her thoughts on the return of Ro Laren, expressing her gratitude to the show's creators for bringing the character back to life. She also reminisced about her time on set with Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes, who played Jean-Luc Picard and William Riker, respectively.

Forbes's portrayal of Ro Laren was praised for its authenticity and complexity, making the character a standout among the show's many guest stars. Her return in Picard Season 3 not only gave fans a chance to see the character again but also provided a more satisfying conclusion to her story than what was previously seen in The Next Generation.

Ro Laren's journey continued beyond her final appearance on The Next Generation, with her enlisting in the Bajoran militia and becoming Deep Space 9's new security officer in the novel series that continued the show's story after its finale. This background has also been incorporated into the Star Trek Online timeline. And now, with the launch of the Star Trek: Defiant comic book series, fans can continue to follow Ro's journey as she becomes a part of Worf's rogue crew aboard the USS Defiant.

For fans of Star Trek: Picard, new episodes of the latest season are available on Paramount+ every Thursday, while the first two seasons of the show, as well as all seven seasons of The Next Generation, are already available for streaming on the platform. The show can also be streamed on Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries and territories.

With the return of Ro Laren, Star Trek: Picard has once again proven its dedication to providing fans with the nostalgia and excitement they crave while also pushing the franchise forward with new and exciting storylines.

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