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Retro Gaming Nights: Rush'n Attack

Rush'n Attack is a run and gun video game developed and released by Konami in North American arcades in 1985, and converted to the Nintendo Entertainment System and MS-DOS PCs. Its name is a play on the phrase "Russian attack" due to its Cold War setting. It was released in some countries as Green Beret and ported to home systems, becoming a critical and commercial success for arcades and home computers.

Rush'n Attack holds a special place in my gaming memories. As a kid, I could only play it during visits to my cousin's house since I didn't own the game. Yet, its awesome soundtrack and unique gameplay made it unforgettable.

The game revolves around a commando armed with only a knife, sent into various stages to combat enemy forces. It's a straightforward action game, skipping lengthy backstories. Once you hit the start button, you're immediately thrust into the action, taking down Russian adversaries.

What sets Rush'n Attack apart is its realistic approach. Unlike other action games of the time, there are no alien creatures or fantastical elements. You rely solely on your knife skills, occasionally finding grenades, a bazooka, or a pistol. The game even features a Star power-up similar to Super Mario Bros, granting temporary invincibility.

The enemies you face range from footmen and martial artists to officers and paratroopers. The bosses offer creative challenges, like paratrooper squads or packs of attack dogs. Defeating special Power-Up enemies grants useful items.

Rush'n Attack delivers satisfying gameplay as you strategize ways to defeat enemies with your knife and outwit martial artists. It's a must-have for anyone seeking an action-packed 8-bit experience.

Gameplay is fairly easy to grasp, with intuitive controls. The two-player mode allows simultaneous play, a pleasant surprise. The story is simple—disable a dangerous weapon—and the graphics, while basic, have a gritty charm. The sound quality is impressive for an early NES game, and the end sequence has amusing graphical touches.

With its nostalgic appeal, Rush'n Attack offers solid replayability. You can easily find the game for a bargain, making it a worthy addition to your collection. So grab your old-style army helmet and dive into the action whenever you please.

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