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Racist Destiny 2 Player's Harassment Backfires

A Destiny 2 player who engaged in doxxing and harassment of a Bungie community manager has been held accountable, with the court ruling them liable for nearly $500,000 in damages and fees. This serves as a powerful example of facing the consequences when one engages in inappropriate behavior.

The official court order from Washington State, shared on Twitter by paralegal Kathryn Tewson, sheds light on the actions of Jesse James Comer. Tewson describes him as a "racist individual," and rightfully so. Comer initiated a malicious campaign after the Bungie community manager highlighted the work of a talented Black Destiny 2 creator.

According to the court documents, Comer, residing in West Virginia, resorted to adding a new number to an anonymous calling and texting service. Using this number, they left a repulsive, bigoted voicemail on what is believed to be the personal phone of the Bungie employee. Comer's disturbing requests included advocating for game options that would exclusively harm characters of color. Shockingly, Comer extended this aggression to the Bungie employee's spouse by leaving similarly aggressive and racist voicemails.

However, Comer's reprehensible conduct did not stop there. Displaying a complete disregard for boundaries, they escalated the harassment by revealing knowledge of the Bungie employee's address. In a despicable move, Comer ordered a pizza from Domino's, selecting the "cash on delivery" option. To ensure maximum disturbance, they instructed the delivery driver to knock at least five times due to the recipient wearing headphones.

To make matters worse, Comer shamelessly boasted about their actions in a Steam group known as "terr0rgang." This group, which facilitates terror campaigns, houses sound files labeled as "ear rape" that members can use. Just two hours after sending the pizza to the Bungie employee and their spouse, Comer incorporated these audio files into voicemails.

As outlined in the court order, Bungie was compelled to take costly measures to safeguard its employees from Comer, who remained unidentified and anonymous at the time. The company promptly dispatched "executive protection" following the pizza incident and even hired investigators and external legal counsel to identify the perpetrator.

The repercussions of Comer's actions have finally caught up with them, as the court order mandates that they pay the price. This outcome carries substantial significance, not only for Bungie and its employee but also for victims of online harassment in general. Tewson aptly expressed on Twitter, "The legal process may be slow, often lagging behind advancements in technology and culture. Nonetheless, with this triumph, we have made notable progress in bridging that gap."

Let this serve as a stark warning to all individuals who engage in racist behavior within the realm of video games: Prepare to face the consequences and be held accountable for your actions.

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