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Have you seen her dog? LOL NO.

Social Media has helped a lot of people in the past few years. Remember Ondoy? A lot of people were saved because of Twitter and Facebook. It enables people to communicate and spread information a lot faster then traditional mediums such as telegrams, texts, or emails. The downside is, unscrupulous individials (or companies) can also use this platforms for their own benefit.

There is nothing wrong with using social media for PR or advertising purposes. In fact, it's one of the best modes available. In fact, this platform has enabled advertising to add dimensions to its campaigns that weren't possible before.

However, there are some lines that no self-respecting creative campaign should ever cross.


This Facebook Page of a certain David Lorenzo is one such example. David Lorenzo, to bring you up to speed, is no ordinary human being. He is no regular PTA dad. In fact, he may not even exist at all.
This, folks, is an example of social media gone blatantly unscrupulous.

This disgusting Facebook Page has a purported back story of a father who supposedly so loved their dog that he created a PAGE of HIMSELF just to find their "missing" dog, Booster. As of this writing, more than 4800 people have liked his page and showed concern on the whereabouts of the "missing" dog.

The wrong part, though, is that David Lorenzo isn't real.

David Lorenzo, dear friends, is a certain telecommunications company's idea of what a viral campaign should be.

Nothing wrong with wanting to go viral, until...
...You manipulate people for their sympathies and compassion, wrench the hearts of the people who are, as we say in the Philippines, "Pusong Mamon," and generally take everybody else for a ride, in the quest for high traffic and Facebook Likes.

If you find nothing wrong with this kind of campaign, let us give you this list:

  1. Lying
  2. Emotional manipulation.
  3. Making everyone believe that that cute dog is missing and this cute girl is heartbroken. 
  4. Eliciting everyone's manipulated "Aww, poor girl, poor family, poor dad," via DECEIT.
  5. Does it make sense that you try to find a dog and make a Facebook Page OF YOURSELF? It defies digital/new media campaign LOGIC. If you wanted to find a dog, you create a page to FIND A DOG, not a page OF YOURSELF.

If you find nothing wrong with our list, then either you're blind or your IQ is 12.

If you don't believe that creating a Facebook Page about a lost pet is NOT insensitive, try having your favorite chow-chow getting run over by a 10-wheeler. If that doesn't tear your heart out, then we don't know what material it's made of, Advertising Agency.

If you ever bear or have your spouses bear children, try dangling a Scottish Terrier or a Himalayan in front of them and then slitting the pet's throat right in front of their faces. Maybe then you will learn that emotional manipulation is wrong and that losing a pet is not a happy ordeal. Not for the adults, and most definitely not for the children.

We denounce what the Advertising Agency has done with a false story, a Facebook Page, and people's hearts.

And as for you, telecommunications company, we're calling you out for approving this ill-thought-out, stupid, lying, cheating, deceitful campaign

[post written by lorrie & jepoy]

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