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Sega Shows on E3 Floor

[ THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED BY JOHN PHILLIPS BENGERO ON MAY 14th 1999 AT THE igad VIDEO GAME E-ZINE ] editors stopped by Sega's booth to check out what's out, what's been announced, and what's being retooled for the US release this September - both within and beyond the launch window.

At the top of the list, Sonic Adventure is receiving the greatest facelift for US gamers. Sega's representative, David Karraker of Access Communications, said that 12 of Sonic's Japanese developers came to the States to work on various areas of the project, including improved cameras, restructured voicework, and a lighter load of FMV sequences. Apparently, according to Karraker, the difficulty level will not be adjusted for the US.

Sega also mentioned a new adventure game it's developing called Frontier (currently in the very early stages of development), as well as a DC version of BioWare's PC RPG, Baldur's Gate. Release dates were not available for either game at this stage, although we do know that Sega has network plans for Baldur's Gate.

The overall tone of Sega was positive. The company is boasting more than 100 unique developers and 17 announced publishers, and it appears confident about its lineup. The company's online plans are well into cross-genre planning. Karraker said that virtually every type of game will benefit from online capabilities. If you're stuck in Sonic, for example, you can go online, chat with someone who's played or completed the level, and find your way out. The online benefits for sports games are obvious - global competition.

Sega also mentioned, without commitment, that the VMU, Sega's mini Virtual Memory Unit (formerly the VMS, or Virtual Memory System) will likely see a memory upgrade in the next year - but doubtfully before the system's US launch.
On a topic less game related, Sega has signed a deal with MTV to sponsor the MTV music-video awards this year. When will the awards be held? You guessed it, 9/9/99 - at the same time as the Dreamcast's US launch. That's it for now, but check out our hands-on impressions for more.



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