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Destiny Cable Internet: Is it really High Speed??

Destiny claims to be high speed, but our test gave a different result.

We recently subscribed to Destiny Cable Internet and finally bid farewell to our postpaid dial-up internet and QuickWeb cards. I was very excited at first since I'll soon be able to load websites a lot faster. Imagine, downloading all the pirated Dreamcast games… umm I mean Dreamcast pirate games… the one with Capt. Hook ;-)

Installation was simple, they mapped our house so they know where to install the cables. The modem is huge! It's a Motorola CyberSURFR Wave cable modem that offers 10Mbps downstream. That's 200x faster than dial up modems. Right? Well...

One of the installation guys opened Internet Explorer and changed the default homepage to Destiny's. I stopped him. What's the point of viewing Destiny's homepage every time you open your browser? I dunno.

When they finished installing everything, I loaded ZDTV's website on my browser since it has lots of multimedia stuff to be loaded. 2 minutes passed and I was still staring at a blank page. I loaded different websites and same thing, they all took more than 3 minutes to load. The installation guy told me to leave the modem turned on overnight to warm it up. ERR... WHAT?

The next day after 17 hours of warming up and useless energy consumption, I called their tech supot, I mean, their technical support. She told me that a maintenance crew will be coming the next day as they've detected huge packet loss on my modem. Next day, the crew arrived and well, called their office to ask for instructions -_- I could have done that!

Anyway, 2 days later, the speed was incredibly fast! Direct downloads from had an average of 300-350 kilobytes/sec. Transfer speeds from Destiny's local IRC servers are the same, and sometimes even faster. Pings from game servers are ok.

For P3000+ a month, I finally had broadband (and free CATV). Little do I know that this will be the start of my difficult high speed journey through high speed cable internet.

Fast forward 1 year today, the speeds are very unstable. Browsing has been very slow. Technical Support is so poor that a problem can sometime last for weeks. Most of the time, the technical support will put the blame on my PC, claiming that my LAN card might be busted or my PC's settings are configured incorrectly. Some more reasons you may hear when you talk to them include busted fuses, dirty lines, noise interruptions, and other out of this world things you wouldn't even imagine.

For the past few months, speed has been degrading every day to a point I can no longer open a website or download something from the internet. And when I call their technical support hotline, it gets even worse. These guys are so incompetent.

The internet connection at my school, AMA Computer College - Quezon City is faster. Fast in terms that it's at par with the original Destiny Cable Internet speeds I subscribed to.

Overall, Destiny's internet service is fast unless their service is not f*d. But most of the time it is comparable to the speed of prepaid dial-up Rebel Internet or sometimes Rebel is faster. The technical support is useless. The only thing that's keeping me with Destiny is the unlimited internet access and the free cable TV subscription.

If you're going for Destiny's cable internet, better have some high tolerance for their technical support. You can also check NOW Cable Internet from Home Cable :)

Download Speed / Browsing  - 5.5 of 10
Upload Speed
  -  6 of 10
Technical Support  - 0 of 10

Destiny Cable Internet: Is it really High Speed?? Reviewed by GameOPS on 7/09/2001 02:49:00 PM Rating: 5

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