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Destiny Cable Internet: Is it really High Speed??

Are you considering subscribing to Destiny Cable Internet? Before you do, read about my experience with their service and technical support.

I was ecstatic to finally upgrade my internet from postpaid dial-up and QuickWeb prepaid cards to Destiny Cable Internet. The installation was easy, and the modem they provided boasted a 10Mbps downstream speed, which should have been 200 times faster than dial-up modems. However, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I found out that their high-speed claims were far from the truth.

During my first speed test, I tried loading ZDTV's website, and it took over two minutes to load. Other websites took even longer. When I contacted technical support, they suggested leaving the modem turned on overnight to warm it up. The next day, a maintenance crew came and called their office for instructions, which I could have easily done myself. It took two days for my internet speed to finally become fast, but only for a short while.

After a year, the speeds became increasingly unstable, and browsing became very slow. Technical support was useless, blaming my LAN card and PC settings for the issues. They even gave bizarre reasons like busted fuses and noise interruptions. The speed degraded to the point where I couldn't even load a website or download anything. The internet connection at my university was even faster than what I was paying for.

Despite their unlimited internet access and free cable TV subscription, I couldn't tolerate their unreliable service and incompetent technical support any longer. If you're considering Destiny Cable Internet, be prepared for the possibility of poor service and technical support. I suggest checking out other providers like NOW Cable Internet from Home Cable instead.


Download Speed / Browsing  - 5.5 of 10
Upload Speed
  -  6 of 10
Technical Support  - 0 of 10


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