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Review: Globe MyFi Portable WiFi Router

Globe Telecom recently slashed the prepaid price of Globe Tattoo MyFi to P4,000 from P7,000. Globe Tattoo Broadband Postpaid subscribers can also get the MyFi for P149/month on Plan 499 and P99/month on Plan 999.

I've been using the Globe Tattoo MyFi that Globe Telecom lent me for almost a month now and so far, it's been doing what Globe has been advertising -- "ONE internet for ALL my devices! I can surf anytime, anywhere, with internet I can share."

The Globe Tattoo MyFi is a re-branded Huawei E5832 device. It's basically an ordinary 3G/HSDPA USB modem with a built-in 802.11 b/g WiFi router capable of supporting 5 WiFi enabled devices.

It has a 1500mAh Lithium Polymer battery so you can use it even without a computer. If tethered, Globe MyFi can be used as a normal 3G USB modem. Like the other Globe Tattoo Huawei USB sticks, this too has a built-in microSD card reader.

Globe MyFi has 5 LED indicators that changes colors or blink depending on the status of the device. The LEDs shows the signal strength, battery, WiFi status, network connectivity and the roaming status of your MyFi device.

It has 3 buttons on the side which lets you turn the thing on and off, activate/deactivate the WiFi and connect it to Globe's HSDPA network. By default, the device automatically connects to the internet when turned on.

Globe MyFi has all the functions of a normal wireless router --IP Filtering, Port Forwarding, Firewall, WPA/WEP, DHCP, etc. By default, the address of the Globe MyFi is I had to change it to since my computers are also connected to my main Linksys router. WiFi signal range is about 50 meters when plugged in and 30 meters when running on battery.

Prepaid users might also want to disable the auto-dialing feature. I turned my unit on and left it for about 45 minutes and when I got back, my P15 prepaid credits were gone.

Speed is within acceptable levels. Download speed from averages 600kbps-1200kbps. I was able to get 2800kbps when I was in Eastwood. YouTube and other video streaming sites are fast. Way faster than my blasted cable internet at home (¬_¬).

The MyFi gets hot when wireless devices start to connect and access the internet. According to Huawei, the unit turns off when the temperature gets too hot. Haven't experience this yet but you may want to think twice before placing this inside your pockets... you know :P

Globe did not include a charger and it comes only with a USB plug so basically, you do all the charging with your computer or any device that has a USB port. You can use any USB chargers out there, but it's a risk you have to take :P Anyway, a charger with at least 500ma rating is probably safe enough.

The Lithium-Polymer battery lasts for about 4 hours or less. It depends on how much data you're accessing and the number of connected devices. On average, I was able to get 3 hours and 30 mins using my Acer Aspire One D250 netbook.

If you want some extra juice for those long trips, you may want to check out these extended Huawei E3580 batteries from Mugen. Their capacity is 3900mAh, about 3x more power than the current 1500mAh battery. Mugen Batteries claims that these extended batteries can provide 17 hours of power. Any risk takers? You can order one here for US$96.95.

Globe Tattoo MyFi is locked to Globe Telecom (obviously) so you're out of luck if you want to use this with Smart Bro or Sun Broadband Wireless. A few people have been selling unlocked MyFis at eBay for P7,000-P8,000, you may want to check them out. Or you can order from Hong Kong gadgets dealer, DealExtreme. They're selling an unlocked Huawei E5830 for US$125.60 or about P5500, charger included. There's an easy way for you to unlock the MyFi, but I won't share it for obvious reasons :P

There's two things I hate about Globe Tattoo though. First, since this is still technically the same 3G/USB Globe Tattoo modem, most images on your browsers will be compressed. Globe has been compressing images on their Globe Tattoo network for whatever reasons. But still, I hope those network guys at Globe stop compressing images. Pixelated images and "internet accelerators" are sooooo 1990s.

Second is how limited you can reload/top-up prepaid credits. The only way to reload a prepaid card is to call 223 and follow the voice prompt. I know the new Globe Tattoo sticks have a new call feature, but how about those who bought the old ZTE modems for about P2500+ each? You have to take out your SIM and insert it on a mobile phone. Globe Telecom should follow the footsteps of Sun Cellular in terms of how subscribers can reload their prepaid accounts. Rico of has suggestions too.

So in summary, the MyFi is perfect for people with WiFi-enabled devices such as a Nintendo DS, PSP, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindles and other devices w/o GSM/UMTS access. It's also perfect for those long and boring trips. Can't wait to use this when we go to Mark or Euri's place at Pampanga XD

I wonder if Globe will release the new Huawei E585, it's MyFi but with an OLED screen FTW!

Overall rating? 9/10

(UPDATE) Check out Rochelle's review of the Huawei E585 at her blog :)

Disclosure: Author is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.


  1. another good deals from globe. . nice idea, thanks!

  2. well you know what sucks if your prepaid? you wont be able to join the unlimited surfing promo without taking the simcard off, putting it on a dongle, joining the promo and putting back the sim to the device. it looks pretty tedious for me.

  3. MyFi has its own dialer similar to the dialer of USB dongles. :P

  4. oh I love your review! very comprehensive :)

  5. Ive been using it on my ipad...while travelling in my car...suddenly my car turns into a wi-fi hotspot!,,,,thanks Globe....

  6. Hey, nice review.... i have a question can i use a USB charger with a DC 5.0V, 1000mA output.... it's a ipod charger =) from CDR King

  7. Hi! Just wanna ask. When you used your MyFi in your car for your iPad did you also have to turn on your laptop? In short, can I use MyFi even without turning my laptop on like I'll use it only for my iPhone or Ipad? Thanks.

  8. @Raeker: Have tried CDR King USB charger to recharge myfi successfully.

    I have a myfi package bought from Globe that comes with a prepaid tattoo sim. While the use of the myfi is convenient esp. when I use my iPad, i wonder if there is an easier way to load and or apply for the SUPERSURF promo other than physically removing the sim card from the myfi unit and installing it in a phone then sending a text message? This is too much hassle and defeats the purpose of having a myfi.

  9. magkano po kaya ngaun ung portable wifi?kasi nanalo po ako sa gntv oras oras panalo tapos napanaluhan ko ay portable wifi??magkano po kaya ngaun un??

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  19. How's the internet experience (HSDPA connection) when you're in Pampanga? Any other provinces that you've brought your MyFi device, and internet is above acceptable? Have you try to make VOIP calls like Skype and Facetime (Iphone/Ipad)? If yes, how's the experience though? Thanks. I will appreciate your response! :)

  20. Can I use that even without laptop?is it possible to connect it to ipad?


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