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I'm Back... I mean, We're Back!

It was a dark and stormy night...
jepoy: i want to relaunch gameops
rocky: ...
jepoy: hey were one of the pioneers of the filipino gaming sites. this is a chance for us to show filipino pride.
rocky: ...
jepoy: hey you awake?
rocky: zzzz... ozawaaa... zzzz....

So here we are, back in business! With a new group of talents all recruited by my pal jep.

Glen, one of the original members of GameOPS and one of the founding member of igad Comics, he's been drawing for us since 1998. He designed our "igad" logo... I still can't beat his guile.. (cheater). An NBA Live expert, he provides skin patches for NBA Live that surpasses the quality of official EA Sports releases.

Karlo, PC gaming expert, he plays CnC like there's no tomorrow. I heard he knows Tekken... Time to show him my Paul.

Andrew, spends too much time on chinita girls instead of video games, hand held expert... finds kelly misa more attractive than lara croft... hmmm he might be on to something here. Oh and I've heard, he's an alodia fan (and stalker?).

kru|munky, girl gamer? o.O we definitely need this guy.

Jepoy, Zelda console expert, once pokemon fan, collects old video game systems and calls his room the "room of doom". GameOPS revival is his crazy idea... co-founder, webmaster and all in all, pain in the ass leader hehe... hope he doesn't read this.

Rocky, good looking, Zelda handheld expert, self proclaimed dota genius..can't defeat glen's guile..can't defeat jepoy's NBA laker's..crap. I want to play wind waker! So there. I forgot, I'm the RPG king!!!11

What is GameOPS?

GameOPS was a website now a blog dedicated to the Filipino gamer. We cater to every system..(nintendo lovers!!!) HUH?! Who said that!? And we are advocates of anti piracy (ulul!!!) (damn critics) And we are getting paid for this...Ok this i can't stomach hehe..

With our relaunch, we have expanded our scope to Anime, Asian Series, Cellphones and Gadgets, PC and Macs, and a lot more. GameOPS is also looking for a few good,not what ur contribute to the blog. If you got the time, you can write an article for us... we'll pay you! Trust me! (DISCLAIMER: The opinion of this individual doesn't represent the opinions of the entire staff. GameOPS is not liable for any false claims that the author might have said in order to get new members)

So here's to a successful launch and hope to hear from you guys.

Oh and by the way, the ROCKy...has come back to GameOPS!!! ok ok so it wasnt suppose to be said that i should have said were back so what?..

I hate this job,

I quit...

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