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Newbie's Guide to DOTA

All your friends playing DOTA? Don’t be left behind. Presenting Rocky's uber-beginner's guide to DOTA. Learn the basic lingo to the basic item setup to finally some trade secrets.

"The Talk"

  1. afk - away from keyboard

  2. brb - be right back

  3. bs - backstab/backstabber (most frequently used word after meeting Kardel Sharpeye)

  4. buff - increase stats

  5. lol - laugh out loud

  6. noob - newbie/inexperienced beginner/bait = attracts heroes like flies. if ur reading this that's you :)

  7. nvm - never mind

  8. back - return to base

  9. dmg - damage

  10. ks - kill steal

  11. ror - ring of regeneration

  12. roh - ring of health

  13. lvl 6 - hero's ultimate spell

  14. bd - backdoor

  15. push - concentrate attack on towers

  16. hold - concentrate on defending towers

  17. gang rape - teaming up to eliminate a hero

  18. leech - standing at a safe distance away from direct combat but still gaining experience. usually done by ranged heroes.

  19. pataba - going to a "no hero" part of the map and harvesting from creeps gold/exp

  20. owning - term used when a team gets repeated kills. term used when a player kills repeatedly.

  21. chicken - term used to players who noticeably returns to base often to regenerate hit points. This is in relation to the chicken item which is often used in buying items from NPC's instead of going back.

"The Walk"

  1. Pick a hero which matches your gameplay. Do you prefer to go right into a fight? then choose a melee/strength type. Do you prefer to stay away from the riot but get your kicks in then choose ranged/agility/support or int types. Like I said choose whom best suits your gameplay.

  2. Basic items:

    • Boots of speed (BOS) Boost movement speed.

    • Ring of Regeneration (ROR)Boost regeneration/hp recover rate. Preferably you can buy 2. (Remember a good DOTA player seldom returns to base.)

    • Null talismans (NT) for intelligence types

    • Wraith bands (WB) for agility types

    • Gauntlets of strength/Bracers (GOS) for strength types

  3. Advance Item Combos

    • Hyperstone – 50% inc in attack speed (For ranged types. Use this with Bone Clinkz for a skeleton archer on steroids)

    • Cranium Basher – 10% chance to stun enemies. (Equip 2 to inc to 20% chance of stunning enemies. For melee types)

    • Manta Style - +int, agi, hp, and creates 2 illusions that get 300% damage. (Naga Siren, Chaos Knight, and Terrorblade have illusion abilities having this doubles their power by providing more illusions…all with critical strike.

    • Refresher Orb – Regen HP/MP. You will be able to use an ability that has cool downs…again (Imagine Rhasta with 2 sets of serpent wards)

    • Mekanism – Provides stat increase and gives additional protection to your team mates. (One of the best support items in the game)

    • Aegis of the immortal – Be revived thrice (Use this with King Leoric's ability for a maximum of….5 LIVES)

    • Divine Rapier/Aegis of the immortal – The Divine Rapier provides a solid +250damage but is a droppable item when your hero dies. Due to the AoI's effect you get 3 chances to deal +250 damage.

Next, A much in depth guide to the world of DOTA :)

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  1. I also like DOTA, hope to have the opportunity to play with you!


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