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Sony blames piracy for not releasing the PSP in the Philippines

Philippine Star recently published an article why Sony has not released the PlayStation Portable / PSP officially in the Philippines. Sony Philippines blames the rampant piracy of the PlayStation games and their memory cards in the Philippines that Sony Japan decided not to officially release the PSP here. The PSP is currently available through import stores and the gray market.
Sony urged to state real reason for not bringing Playstation PSP to RP
By Marianne V. Go
Publication Date: [Monday, March 19, 2007]

Intellectual Property Office Philippines Director-General Adrian Cristobal Jr. criticized yesterday Sony Philippines for making it appear that Sony’s decision not to bring in its popular Playstation PSP to the Philippines is due to rampant piracy.

In an interview with The STAR, Cristobal felt offended at Sony’s insinuation that continued rampant piracy is behind its decision not to bring in its PSP product to the Philippines.

Cristobal pointed out that even though China is known to be more at the forefront of intellectual property rights piracy, Sony still chose to sell its PSP units there because of the huge Chinese consumer market.

Thus, Cristobal argued, Sony’s hesitancy to directly sell its PSP here in the Philippines is due more to lack of market rather than IPR piracy.

Sony Philippines president Hiroaki Kobayashi had previously told The STAR that the continued rampant piracy of its Playstation software is one reason why Sony Japan is hesitant to sell its PSP units in the Philippines.

Kobayashi said that almost all available Playstation software being sold in the Philippines are pirated copies.

Aside from its Playstation software, Kobayashi said, its memory stick for its digital cameras and video cams are also being pirated.

Sony, Cristobal further revealed, has not actually been coordinating closely with IP Philippines in helping crack down on its IPR violators.

Sony, like most other private IPR holders, Cristobal said, privately pursue their own enforcement and prosecution and coordinate more closely with the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police.

However, Cristobal appealed to Sony and other recent vocal complainants such as Philip Morris and Levi’s International to coordinate with IP Philippines.

Cristobal noted that the complaints of Sony, Philip Morris and Levi’s appear to be part of a lobby to have the Philippines retained in the United States Trade Representative (USTR) watchlist as the Philippines is currently undergoing its annual review.

The USTR review, Cristobal said, started in February and a report is expected by next month. Cristobal is hoping that the Philippines would be able to "graduate" out of the list, but would not be surprised at the country’s continued retention on the watchlist.


What's funny about what Cristobal said is that Sony should coordinate with them to help stop the piracy of their PlayStation software. Coordinate? Sony doesn't need to coordinate with them, piracy of PlayStation games are so rampant that you could even see them on the streets:

Sony Philippines should reconsider their strategy. Not all Filipinos support piracy, one good example is the guys over at that support Nintendo's original games even though their prices are 10x more expensive.

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  1. you whiny bitch stop bitching blah blah blah piracy u but the truth is u fucking benefit that shit and not all the people are rich to afford umds

  2. Frankly, no one cares if there's no official launch. Pinoys will either
    A: Get a relative who is abroad to buy them their stuff.

    B: wait for importers to sell the stuff.

    C: Order it online

    Go figure.

  3. People want to buy real products and if Sony don't want to come to the Philippines them people just continue buying pirated stuff. Therefore the piracy will never end because there is no other choice. For me I wouldnt buy pirated stuff but if thats the only option, besides paying double for an import, then i rather buy a pirated stuff then having nothing. There are people here who actually have money to pay full price.

  4. if you can't afford the games, wag kayo bumili ng unit, its that simple, para sa mga may pera lang naman talaga un e, di naman para sa wala obviously.

  5. even the fake accesories have high price, and it's even sold on a known cd store. i was fooled by what's fake and not. i just saw the box, instead of "playstation" it is written as "PALYSTATION"
    i wish piracy would stop here in phils. some people still need the original one!

  6. i want the to see a BULGARI not a BVLGARI


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