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So you can't get enough of your Wii that you wanted your PC to look like one. skyworxx of has developed a launcher application for the PC called WiiFronted that looks like the Nintendo Wii interface.
you would want to SIMULATE the wii interface on your computer, because it looks cool, it is a cool way to organize your favorite games and applications, and you can impress people lol. annoying user experience? not hardly. some people use their sensor bars, and just aim their wiimote at the screen, and click. you would use the wiimote to navigate, because some people like the ability to control their computer from long distances..(i.e. lay on your bed and control applications, instead of walking the distance of the room to go control the mouse at your computer, or actually staying near the computer to control it) and also, a wii interface is a neat way of organizing which applications you like the most, and launching them easily, all with a simple press of a button.

let's say you didn't have a wii interface. im controlling my mouse, with my wiimote. let's also say you're not near the computer. you want to run mario kart 64. you would have to squint your eyes, go into your nintendo 64 emulator directory (or double click the n64 emulator shortcut on your desktop)...and then open the rom, by double clicking again, and THEN switching the glovepie stopping the mouse glovepie script, closing glovepie, then re-opening glovepie, and loading the proper script (unless you have mario kart 64 controls built in to your mouse script).

you could defeat the purpose of the wii interface if you had shortcuts to launch all your favorite games/apps on your desktop. but IMO, thats not very organized.

the wii interface simplifies these steps, into maybe 1 or 2 button presses. it's convenient, sexy, and awesome.

- fully customizable channels
- includes sounds and cursor
- launches all filetypes
- 27 channels
- channel-manager (create and edit channels with a few clicks)
- support for 800*600,1024*768 1280*960 and real windowed mode
- launches automatically glovepie-scripts
- seperate opacity-setting for every channel
- clock^^

More info here.

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