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Iranian to Release Video Game

Just imagine the Philippine government developing a game in which you must produce 15 children with 5 of your in-game wives. Ok, that's disgusting. Anyway, the Iranian government is set to release a strategic video game to promote their Islamic-Iranian culture and counter the Westerners.
Iran designs its 1st strategic computer game
April 30, 2007 2:52 AM

Tehran, April 30, Taliya News – In a bid to counter the West’s cultural onslaught and in order to promote the Islamic-Iranian culture, as well as producing Iranian computer games, Tabyan Cultural, Information Processing Institute for 1st time in Iran presented Saving the Port strategic computer game.

According to the news, the quality and options of the game are quite comparable to its foreign alike types, and in some cases it is even superior.
Designed and produced by Multimedia Office of Tebyan relaying on a reasonable time and money investment, the game is the first Iranian strategic computer amusement, matching the most updated international standards for its type.
The designers of the game have all the same tried to replace the excessive amount of aggression seen in strategic Western game with rational thinking s much as possible, that is one of the advantages of the Iranian version compared to foreign types.
The graphic game despite its high graphic works and programming possibilities can be uploaded in most PCs, even with lowest hardware.

It is thus predicted that Save the Port with its special features, as the first Iranian strategic computer game, and thanks to its rational retail sales price find its place in country’s software market, and even leave behind its foreign competitors in some parts of the world.

The came would be presented to the public as of May 4th, and interested individuals can for further information refer to Tebyan Co. site at


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