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Spiderman 3 movie review

The final installment to the Spiderman franchise,maybe, unless Sony wants to milk more from this cash cow.

Anyway, SM Cinemas today was packed by lots and lots of Spidey fans. I can't blame them, this is the chance they can see Venom immortalize in 3D.The story revolves around Spiderman (of course!) and his struggle in living a normal life and as a action hero. This movie portrays the "dark side" of Peter Parker as the symbiote took over his life. Anyway, this is a review not a storytelling article, now what can I say? As far as I know, the special effects are awesome. Come on, the sand on Sand Man's body, the symbiote on Spidey, the explosions etc. Sony did a great job delivering the story, but the downfall of the movie is Venom. Come on, Venom is one mean spider machine, and the Venom I saw on that movie lacks protein and muscle. But despite that flaw, I consider part 3 as the greatest of all Spiderman film

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  1. i don't think we've seen the last of spidey. Dr. conor is still in the story with a sample of a symbiote. Carnage? And still there's a lot of spidey enemies still to be reincarnated on the big screen like morbius, scorpion, rhino, etc.

    I would like to see venom's return on the next movie...


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