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Valhalla Knights Review

Xseed Games released a dungeon crawler RPG that sucks the time in your life literally

Yes you read it right, in order for you to advance on the story of this RPG, you need to grind all day and all night just to beat the hell out of that monster. Valhalla Knights is not a typical RPG wherein when you achieve a high level, it doesn't mean you can beat the crap out of the bosses out there. You need teammates to help in battle, heck having a healer in the party is necessary. The graphics are good, lightings and some effects attest to that. The sound is kind of tiring maybe due to the fact that you grind on the same place for a gazillion time. The gameplay is rather difficult for those new to the RPG genre. Customization is neat, you can choose a male or a female, a human, elf, half-ling, dwarf (which is by the way, human-sized in this game) a machine (that can only be accessed later on). There are lots of job classes to choose from, wherein fighter,priest,mage,and thief are available in the beginning,later on, anchors,knights,samurais and ninjas become available if you picked up a job card so your character can change to that specific job. By the way, the drop rate is like hell, getting a rare item took me an entire day. Overall, if you have all the time in the world or does not have a social life,this game is for you

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