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WHO LET THE DOGS OUT : RAN Online PH's Pet System Was Officially Released

People adore cute pets in real life...Wouldn't it be nice to have one in-game as well? That's probably the idea that brought about the start of RAN Online's Pet System. Players were already craving for info like the release date and type of pets as early as the demo video of the pet system came out. These adorable pets were release initially on RAN's test server. Players got to sample it for free including all the available skills, costumes, and accessories.

These in-game pets could be customized to have a name, a color, or costume that you like. Mix and match the color and accessories to your heart's desire. Aside from just being cute it also provides you with some in-game advantages. For instance, it has several skills like Auto loot Gold, HP recovery, etc. Pet types are Siberian husky, a turle, and a tiger. The Siberian Husky is the only pet type available at the moment.

It looks fun to have one, but getting one is another thing. 1000pcs. were released initially and it didn't even took an hour before every last one of them were sold. Same goes for the 2nd release which numbered only 500pcs. and was sold out in as fast as 10 minutes. A third release is scheduled today after the server maintenance around 10:00 am. This time, 1000pcs. more will be made available. In case you miss it, I guess they would release another set if a lot of players request for more.

Knowing the hype with this pets, no matter how much will be released, I suppose if you want one, you really have to make a RAN for it! ^.~

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