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Is Playstation 3 Dead?

Playstation 3 was launched last year, all people were impressed with the power it has, it showed a lot of tech demo of upcoming exclusive games, one of which is the remake of Final Fantasy 7.

It’s been 7 months since it was launched. Where is the Final Fantasy 7 remake that Sony had promised during the tech demo of Playstation 3? Just look at the list of exclusive games listed in the figure above, no Final Fantasy 7! Even though this is not the official list of game exclusive of each respective consoles, it's still disappointing that Final Fantasy 7 was not included in the list, and also take note that the Playstation 3 come up with the least list of exclusive titles!

What is happening to Sony? Is the Playstation 3 doom?

As I read the news regarding the Playstation 3, I found this article from Yahoo! News:

TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp. (6758.T) expects at least 380 new PlayStation 3 games to hit the market this business year and says that should rev up demand for the console that has so far lost out to Nintendo's (7974.OS) wildly popular Wii.

There are about 150 games currently available for the PS3, including online titles.

Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer said at the annual shareholders' meeting that the company will review its dividend policy once it has achieved its profitability target for the year to March 2008, raising the possibility of future dividend hikes.

"Attractive game software is the key to accelerate PS3 growth over the next year," Stringer said on Thursday.

Sony's game division posted an operating loss of 232 billion yen ($1.88 billion) in the past business year because of hefty start-up costs of the PS3, prompting investors to see the console business as Sony's biggest risk factor.

Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s Wii game console has been outselling the PS3 by three to one in Japan and more than two to one in the United States so far this year, according to game magazine publisher Enterbrain and research firm NPD.

A lack of attractive games has been widely cited as a reason for the PS3's relatively weak performance in addition to the fact that it is twice as expensive as the Wii.

More than 200 packaged software titles will likely be released for the PS3 in the year to March 2008, and more than 180 titles are expected to be launched over the Internet, Stringer said.

"PlayStation 3 going forward will be vital to our future and we'll succeed," said Stringer, the first non-Japanese to run the Tokyo-based electronics and entertainment conglomerate.

Sony aims to double its PS3 shipments to 11 million units in the current business year and reduce the game unit's loss to 50 billion yen.

Source: Yahoo! News


  1. Final Fantasy is not the life of PS3... tsk tsk tsk...

  2. c'mon ur forgetting devil may cry 3,mgs, and resident evil 5. these are good games!

  3. First of all, Sony never promised that FF VII was to be remade for the PS3. They do not own FF. Final Fantasy is the intellectual property of Square Enix. Secondly, the tech demo shown a year or so ago, was exactly as it was presented: A TECHNICAL DEMO, showcasing the potential of the PS3's hardware by reimagining one of the nineties most popular RPGs on the system. So stop the whining of how Sony promised this or that and is failing to deliver. They never maid such a claim or promise.

  4. No offense karlo...

    "[People who play RPGs are] depressed gamers who like to sit alone in their dark rooms and play slow games." - Hiroshi Yamauchi - Former Nintendo President


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