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Temporary Fix for XBOX 360's Red Rings of Death

Brazilian Chiaroscuro has discovered a temporary fix for XBOX 360 owners experiencind the dreaded Red Rings of Death that have plagued the XBOX 360 community. According to his guide, the problem is caused by a problem in the XBOX's GPU.

GameOPS has not verified the authenticity of this guide and we are not responsible for any damaged XBOX while performing this procedure. Proceed at your own risk!

Chiaroscuro Xbox 360 Eraser Fix Error 0102

Materials Needed:
- one rubber eraser
- one stiletto (or a very sharp penknife)
- one double face tape
- all the stuff to open the 360

  1. Cut the rubber eraser in 4 pieces of 4 millimeters high.

  2. Get the double face tape on the memory modules than tape the rubber eraser on them.

  3. Close your 360.

  4. Turn the 360 on.

  5. Still 3RL? Don't worry. Wait 20 minutes with the console turned on.

  6. Turn off the console.

  7. Wait 2 minutes so it can cool down.

  8. Turn it on.

  9. Done, fixed with no pain nor risking to burn sensitive components.

1 comment:

  1. well.. i have a 360 too... and well opening up a 360 would void your there's a much more simpler way to fix 3 red lights in the ROL do the towel trick...heheh.. that's what i did...posted it on my blog. hope this solution helps too...


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