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Frets on Fire - Poor Man's Guitar Hero

Want to play a game like Guitar Hero on your Windows, Mac or Linux machines? Then download the open source game Frets on Fire. Frets on Fire is a music video game created by Nathan Hunt in which players use the keyboard to play along with scrolling on-screen musical notes to complete a song.

Frets on Fire is open-source software. The source code written for the game is written in the Python programming language and released under the GNU General Public License, though the game incorporates other open-source code under other licenses. The game's included song files and some internal fonts are proprietary, and their redistribution is not permitted.

The gameplay of Frets on Fire is the same as in Guitar Hero - the player emulates playing a guitar. Frets on Fire is meant to be played by picking up the keyboard like a guitar, with one hand pressing the fret buttons and another pressing the pick buttons. There is support for joysticks however, meaning that the Guitar Hero controllers can be used as well.

Here's a preview of how the game is played:

Download Frets on Fire here.

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