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Have an idea for the NEXT video console?

Do you feel like your console is a flotation device saving you from the realities of the world? If so, this is the contest for you…

Tired of the Xbox, Playstation 3 and Wii? Imagine the next break-through game console! The one that will be so great that it will render all your current systems obsolete!!!

We want to take a peek at those dreams...

Simply email your answers (and more) to the following three questions to

1) What is special about your dream – just around the corner – console?

2) What specs & features would it have?

3) What is it's name?

There is no fee for entering the contest, and you can enter as many times as you like.

The top 3 ideas submitted will be displayed at for you to check out.

The winner will be announced on August 1st at

The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate for Game Stop.

The winning idea will be included in the American Premiere of the play HELMET by acclaimed Scottish playwright Douglas Maxwell at this summer's New York International Fringe Festival.

To learn more about us and HELMET, stay and flip around the site.

Good Luck!!

Helmet is a kid who's obsessed with computer games. The shop where he spends most of his days is closing down. The owner, Sal, can't stand guys like Helmet and blames them for his, and the shop's, downfall. Sal takes the time he has on his hands waiting on his wandering wife's return (and dodging his father) to try and convince Helmet to change his ways, to talk himself into succeeding at something and to finally face up to the mess in his private life . But it's maybe too late for all that as the truth slowly comes out and they both move through the levels of the play.

HELMET Production History

Helmet was produced by The Traverse theatre in a co-production with Paines Plough in the spring of 2002. It was directed by John Tiffany and toured for three months around the main stages of Britain including three weeks at The Soho Theatre in London. This production was nominated for a Manchester Evening News Theatre Award for best Fringe show.

In Britain, Helmet is taught in many schools with a video and textbook published by English Media co.

Helmet has been translated into German by Thomas Huber and was performed in the Schauspielhaus, Stuttgart in June 2004.

The New York Fringe Festival production of Helmet represents Douglas Maxwell’s American premiere.

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